Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 09 September 2014/14 Dhul Qa’dah 1435

It is no secret to the rest of the world, that Washington plays a huge role to prop Israel. The same apartheid Tel Aviv regime routinely launches terror attacks and metes collective punishment on Palestinians. The atrocities committed by Israel against the subjugated Palestinians, whose crime, in addition to their unfailing demand for equal rights, is their Semitic ethnicity, are well-recorded. Washington has both protected and funded the genocidal Israel. Strangely, people of the United States of America, whose taxes finance the Israeli atrocities, seem oblivious.

US citizen Alison Weir, an executive director of If Americans Knew and president of the Council for the National Interest, was as naïve. This, she told Sabahul Khair, was due to whitewashing and the Zionist propaganda that permeates in the media in the USA.

“I certainly had no idea that the United States was such a major player in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As you just pointed out, it’s interesting to me that people around the world, and in South Africa, know that the USA funds Israel to a great extent,” Weir told Cii listeners this morning. Until she did her research, that eventually led to her enlightened and authoring Against Our Better Judgement: How the US was used to create Israel, Weir believed the Zionists.

“(The US) supports Israel, and sort of protects it from international condemnation but most Americans don’t know any of that. The media really don’t tell us about that,” said Weir, highlighting the Zionist-biased but mainstream media’s role in perpetuating the pro-Israeli propaganda while demonising freedom fighters like Hamas or ignoring the plight of the subjugated Palestinians.

Average people of the US have no idea that they give “a great deal of money” to Israel, she explained to Cii listeners. “When I researched my book I was astounded to learn that there was a pro-Israel movement, a Zionist movement, that existed in the United States since the late 1800s which was specifically to use Americans and push the propaganda in which Americans would help to support the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine even though Palestine was, at that time, 95% non-Jewish,” Weir asserted.

This harks to the era of Theodor Herzl, one of the pioneers of the Zionism project – Israel’s version of Nazism, which sought to create a volkstaat by importing Europeans with Jewish ancestry or their relatives and, in the process, exiling or killing indigenous Palestinians. To this day, with Binyamin Netanyahu at the helm and Barack Obama facilitating its survival, the Herzl project is in tact. That is why Israel – which recently slaughtered more than 2,100 people (that is 30 times the number of lives taken by in 1961 in Sharpeville) – is, unlike apartheid South Africa, not being isolated and boycotted.

“It was very interesting to me when I did this research to discover how (deep) it is than most people think. I don’t happen to be Jewish or Muslim or Arab. And my background is Christian. Like most Americans I found this issue very confusing. I was certainly sympathetic towards Israel but like most people I really just did not know much about it,” explained Weir, whose hard-hitting research and civil rights work attract naked verbal abuse and threats from Zionists supporting Semite-on-Semite genocide.

“There’s been a movement in my country, of Zionism, to create a Jewish state that most Americans have never even heard about and yet has been extremely significant in the creation of Israel and in the way in that Israel got created especially in connection to the Balfour Declaration,” she added.

This declaration, dated 1917, relates to colonist Britain’s support for the creation, in Palestine, of what was termed a “homeland” for the Jewish people. For this to be created, Palestinians, fellow Semites, were dispossessed of their ancestral lands in 1948 and subsequently subjugated. Millions exiled notably in 1948 and 1967 are barred from returning. The indigenous people who did not leave Palestine, and their descendants, are now confined to 10% of their land (under heavy Israeli control and siege).

Decades later, with Obama in charge, Israel remains Nazist. Palestinians continue to be treated as sub-humans and bear the brunt of Tel Aviv’s atrocities and human rights violations. An Obama that was seen as an equal rights activist would never tolerate this type of segregation and holocaust. How did Israel’s Nazism elude him? “The sad fact was, however, and is, that Barack Obama had great many donations from pro-Israeli individuals in Chicago,” Weir observed, citing reports that Obama was bankrolled by Zionists years before he went to the White House.

“This was a surprising trajectory. This is someone… suddenly out of nowhere have this great political campaign to be a candidate for the United States presidency and to even win. Those of us that are followed Israel-Palestine saw that the funding for Obama and the campaign for Obama was coming, quite a bit of it, was coming from  individuals and groups that were very pro-Israel,” noted Weir, adding that his first official speech was before Zionists, AIPAC. “That was an indication of who was really going to be pulling the strings.”

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