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Jamiat KZN AGM 2013 Report

Jamiatul Ulama KZN Activities July 2012 – Aug. 2013

The Jamiatul Ulama KZN was established on the 20 JumaadalUla 1374/15 January 1955 at the East Street Madrasah, in Pietermaritzburg by the then twelve Ulama of KwaZulu-Natal. The primary objective was the preservation, protection and propagation of true and pristine Islam. All Praise to Allah Ta’ala, the Jamiat has evolved to become a fortress of Deen, holding aloft the banner of Islam in this era of different trials and tribulations facing the Ummah.

Local Projects/Workshops/Programmes
Water Recycling – A petition against the recycling of sewage water in the Durban area was launched to which the response from the public was overwhelming. This was subsequently lodged with the Municipality and to date the proposal has not been implemented.
Pre-Marital workshop – Was held in December 2012, for mothers and daughters. The workshop proved very successful and the feedback was also very positive.
Islamic Wills – A road show for Islamic Wills was conducted in several Masjids in the KZN area. The programmes were well received and proved very beneficial. Further requests have been received for presentations in the surrounding provinces.
Reflections on Iran – Mufti A.K. Hoosen (of CII), was hosted to deliver a series of programmes on his visit to Iran. A public event was hosted by the Jamiat at the NMJ Islamic Centre, where Mufti AK gave a detailed account on his visit to Iran and the growing threat of Shia’ism.
Winter Warmth Project – Was launched in April 2013 and blankets were distributed in Durban as well as the following areas:
a. Loskop (Estcourt) Blanket distribution: Loskop (Estcourt) Blanket distribution: An appeal was received from an Islamic Centre in Loskop (near Estcourt). The Jamiat distributed Blankets, Kitabs, dates and beverages to the underprivileged students residing there.

b. Pmburg (Edendale): Following a request from the office of the Premier of KZN a delegation from the Jamiat offices departed on Thursday morning July 18 2013 for Pietermaritzburg. After a briefing with the ANC Councillor the team together with the ANC members in a convoy travelled to the first distribution site,a day care centre in Edendale. After a tour of the facility the distribution of blankets took place which was well received by the children and the teachers.
c. Pmburg (Imbali):Thereafter the convoy moved to an old age home named Siyaphilisa Community Based Care inImbali. This facility houses approximately 30 elderly terminally illpatientswho have been shunned by society due to their sicknesses. The facility is run by an ex-ANC ward councillor who gave up her full time job to take care of the elderly. After giving the patients advice and motivation in the Zulu language blankets as well as vegetable seeds, garden tools and fertilizer were distributed as well to promote self-sustainability.
General Activities: Monthly Islamic Calendar for Masjid boards; Dawah activities, Conversions, Co-ordination of speakers for Jumuah at Masjids, Musallas, Universities and Schools; Co-ordination of Eidgahs at various venues in Durban and surrounding areas;SMS-E mail service to an Ulama membership of +/-450 Ulama.

International Projects undertaken
Syria Refugee Relief was undertaken in 4 cities along the Turkish/Syria Relief namely Gaziantep, Kilis, Nizip and Mardin. Members of the Jamiat Shura personally distributed the relief and aid. Thousands of people were assisted essential food items as well as double quilted blankets. Aid was distributed to the value of R2.5 million.
Quran Sharif Distribution Project, Malawi: Alhamdulillah, 4 000 Qurans have been distributed in Malawi. A team of 7 members travelled via road, crossing 6 borders over difficult terrain to oversee distribution. 20 000 Qurans are currently in storage in Durban. Intended countries for distribution are Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.
Maktab Project – Indonesia: The Jamiat is currently overseeing the running of 50 Maktabsand1 DarulUloom in the Java Province, Indonesia. The combined role is 4205 students.

Departments of the Jamiat

The Administration Dept. (Ml. Abdullah Khan)
 The Administration of the Jamiat oversees eight departments on a daily basis. In addition, the administration co-ordinates projects locally and nationally as the need arises
 Approximately 135 calls are attended to by our offices daily, which are referred to the respective departments.
 Alhamdulillah, a total of 12 staff serve the JUKZN head office and of these, 7 staff members are Ulama. An additional four staff serve at our Welfare office, two of whom are Ulama.

The Fatwa Dept. (Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed)
 The Fatwa department responds to questions locally and abroad.
 +/- 50 Fatwas are attended to by email and telephonically daily.
 The Fatwa Dept. provides the important services of assisting in drawing up of Islamic wills, assisting with certificates of distribution (shares) as well as Mediation and Arbitration in disputes.

The Social/Marital Dept.
 The Social/Marital Department is inundated with marital disputes due to the numerous problems affecting the social fabric of our community. The Jamiat offers marital counselling and mediation between disputing couples.
 Emails are received daily seeking advice on marital issues which are responded to accordingly.
 The Jamiat has initiated a pre-marital counselling programme which has shown to be very popular with our youth and much positive feedback has been received regarding the same, Alhamdulillah. These sessions are held on a one to one basis, and were found to be very effective. We believe that this individual method is far more effective than those held en masse.
 We hereby record our appreciation to Mufti Ebrahim Desai for his assistance in heading our Judicial Committee and bringing resolution to Mediations, Arbitrations and Annulments.

The Publications& I.T. Depts.(Ml. Moosa Salie)
 The Publications Dept. prepares the Al-Jamiat paper which is widely distributed throughout the country.
 Various posters for Masjids are distributed regularly.
 The I.T. dept. in conjunction with the Fatwa dept. sends out a daily Q&A &Nasiha e-mail which reaches thousands of people in every continent of the world.

Jamiat Website (Ml. Ismail Amod)www.jamiat.org.za
 Alhamdulillah, the Jamiat website has shown tremendous growth from its inception in May 2012.
 From a monthly average of 300 visitors a day the website has grown to an average of 3000 visitors per day from 184 countries across the globe.

The Welfare Dept. (Ml. Ashraf Peer, Ml. Abdul Qadir Sayed Ali)
 The Jamiat’s Welfare dept. is housed at 2nd Floor Victoria House, 56/58 Victoria Street, Durban CBD.
 A total of 9716 people were attended to from July 2012 to July 2013.
 Welfare applicants are carefully screened and home visits are conducted to ascertain bona fides of recipients. Continuous networking with other welfare organisations assists the screening process.
 Bursaries were given to students to pursue secondary/tertiary education and higher Islamic education at the various DarulUlooms nationally.
 The Jamiat networks with other major organisations on the Central Bursary Forum.

Closure of Halaal Desk
 In January of this year, the Jamiat KZN took the decision to close the service of certifying and monitoring of Halaal products. This department required dedicated staff to carry out the monitoring and certifying of the numerous products that were coming onto the market daily. Due to limited resources, it was decided to close this department as was not feasible to continue with this service.
Talimi Board
 This is one of the most important aspects of protecting our Deen by providing education to our communities.
 Alhamdulillah, this task is most capably and ably executed by the Jamiat Talimi Board under the direct care and supervisionof Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb(DB)and Ml. Ilyas Patel.
 The Talimi Board has 162Makaatib under its care with 5313 learners.
 The Jamiat KZN is one of the founder members of the United Ulama Council of South Africa which serves as an umbrella body of the major religious bodies of our country.
 Over the last year the Jamiat engaged closely with UUCSA on several key issues.
 From the many issues, the threat of Shia’ism has been addressed extensively and a task group was set up to address the issue on a national level. A workshop was held in Cape Town and literature was published titled “Correct Beliefs”, which was distributed nationally and Ulama were encouraged to address this threat on the Jummah platforms.
 UUCSA also initiated the development of a detailed protocol for Mediation & Arbitration. Several telecons were held to develop this document, which is near completion

Muslim Prison Board
 The Muslim Prison Board KZN serves the religious needs of Muslim offenders in KZN prisons.
 There are currently 1257 Muslim inmates in KZN prisons.
 The Jamiat acknowledges Ml Shabbir Asmal for the sterling work he is doing in this challenging field.

Hilaal Sighting
 This most important task is coordinated by agroupof dedicated persons every month.
 The Hilaal sighting for Ramadhan and Eid is done in conjunction with UUCSA nationally to avoid any conflict and confusion in South Africa as far as Hilaal sightings are concerned.
 SMS are sent out to Ulama and trustees of Masaajid informing them of the new Islamic month.
 Ml. Shabbir Asmal and Brother Rashid Motala render this important service to the Ummah.

Media Communication
 Alhamdulillah, the Jamiat responds to critical issues affecting us nationally or internationally.
 Among the noteworthy letters sent out in the past year:
 Letter to the Western Cape Premier demanding an apology/resignation from Dianne Kohler Barnard who had supported the misleading reports against the Dockrat family in the Daily Maverick.
 Letter to the Department of Education raising objection to the distribution of condoms in Primary schools.
 Letter to the Al Ansaar Executive board raising concerns with the station on hosting speakers and guests who are anti-Sunnah and pro-Shia in ideology and belief.
 Letter to the Ethekwini Municipality requesting the re-zoning of Northway – Durban North for a Masjid.

L.O.R. Committee
 The Jamiat KZN adopts a very stringent procedure when issuing a letter of recommendation to any organisation or institute.Professionals from our community assist us in analysing the worthiness of organisations requesting LORs.
 WE DO NOT issue LORs to any overseas organisations.

The Jamiatul Ulama KZN acknowledges the South African Muslim community for their generous and unwavering support of our various projects and activities. May Allah Ta’ala bless our donors and well-wishers abundantly in this Dunya and Aakhirah, Ameen.
Whoever fails to acknowledge the favours of the people has failed to acknowledge the favours of ALLAH .(Tirmizi)

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