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Jamiat KZN Social Department Update


The Jamiat KZN Social Department has been a hive of activity over the past several years and it appears that 2017, unfortunately, may well be the same.


Individuals, couples, families and children who face a variety of challenges in the community have found their way to our doorstep. We are also inundated with emails and phone calls, which emanate from far off lands such as UK, USA, the Middle East, various African countries, Australia and New Zealand.


We hope to present a series of articles whereby the many issues that are dealt with in this department will be addressed. It is our hope that as we progress, insha’allah, readers will take the opportunity to share their suggestions, experiences and solutions that have helped them to overcome their challenges in order to benefit the Ummah.


By far, the largest group of people who seek assistance from this department are the couples and families who are experiencing problems in their marriages.


It is our intention to highlight the main issues that have been presented in this department that appear to be the leading cause/s of conflict which sometimes lead to the break-up of marriages:

  • Breakdown in effective communication
  • The unrealistic expectations spouses have of each other
  • Poor financial planning and financial mismanagement / unemployment/ work-shy husbands/ low income
  • The scourge and abuse of social media
  • Addiction to pornography
  • Infidelity
  • Drug abuse
  • Physical, emotional, financial and social abuse of spouses and children
  • Failure to fulfil the rights of spouses and children
  • Lack of positive support and guidance for the young couple in order to assist them towards managing the ups and downs of married life
  • Challenges faced by revert spouses
  • Challenges faced by local females who have married foreign men
  • The event of husbands taking on additional wives without discussing the matter with the current spouse.


Besides the marital problem, the social department also offers the following counselling services:

  • Grief / bereavement counselling to family members who have had trouble in obtaining closure due to the loss of a loved one.
  • Counselling divorcees and widows who need to adjust to their now “single status”.  
  • Trauma counselling to survivors of hijackings, house break-ins or robberies.
  • Young children and teenagers who experience emotional difficulties due to conflict in the home environment are also assisted. We have also made a successful representation on behalf of a grade 10 learner who was suspended from his school for a relatively minor misdemeanour.
  • Counselling to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Pre-marital counselling in small groups and with individual ladies has also been offered.


Alhamdulillah, the Jamiat has an experienced female counsellor so that females may feel comfortable when discussing their matters.


We face many difficult challenges in society presently; however, these are challenges that can be overcome. A greater effort is needed from all stakeholders so that our families, society and the Ummah can be strengthened once again.  Without doubt, we have not been promised a life of ease but we have certainly been promised that after difficulty comes ease. Help is available.

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