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Jamiat KZN Taraweeh Guidelines – Extended Lockdown


Guidelines for Ramadhan & the Performance of Taraweeh Salaah during Lockdown


Issued on 12 April 2020 / 18 Sha’baan 1441


On Thursday 9th April, the President announced an extension to the lockdown for a further two weeks. This means that the lockdown will now continue until 30 April 2020. Accordingly the first few days of Ramadhan will occur during the lockdown. Therefore, men will be required to continue with their Salaah at home due to the governmental restrictions imposed as far as places of worship are concerned.


Fasting will Insha’Allah continue as usual.


With respect to Taraweeh, the following simple guidelines are recommended:


  1. Men should perform the full 20 rakaats Taraweeh Salaah at home.


  1. Where possible this should be in Jamaat and the womenfolk may also join within Shari guidelines.


  1. Those homes that have Huffaaz should commence the Khatam (completion) of the Quraan Majeed as normal.


  1. Those who are not Haafiz may read whatever they are able to, such as the last ten Surahs of the Qur’aan Majeed i.e. from Surah Feel to Surah Naas.


  1. Insha Allah once the lockdown is uplifted or the regulations permit, the Masaajid can begin the Khatam of the Qur’aan in Taraweeh from the first available night.


Due to factors beyond our control, we are hopeful that with the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala, we shall receive the full reward of those actions which we would have normally received, Insha Allah.


The Jamiatul Ulama KZN will be posting a separate notice relating to the Fiqhi aspects of the performance of Taraweeh Salaah at home, Insha Allah.


Without doubt we will all miss the Ramadhaan atmosphere that we are usually accustomed to. In this regard, a Muslim’s approach should be balanced between the following:


(a) We must constantly and eagerly make Dua and beg Allah Ta’ala for Aafiyah (ease / comfort / prosperity). We should convey our weakness in the face of trials, and our desire to not be tested. We should ask that normality returns and that we are able to attend the Masaajid as before.


(b) We must express our resignation to, and be pleased with, whatever Allah Ta’ala has destined for us. There is always wisdom in whatever condition Allah Ta’ala puts us in, and we do not have the knowledge to recognise the hidden benefits that lie in these outwardly adverse conditions. The submission to the Grand Plan of Allah Ta’ala is known as Radha bil Qadhaa (being pleased with the decree of Allah Ta’ala). Even though the lockdown poses challenges, we do not complain but instead work around these challenges.


The above two points are not contrary and this is the approach that Muslims should adopt in all conditions, whether favourable or unfavourable.


We are all aware of the changes that are being made to the laws regularly. The situation could change at any time and further correspondence will be released should there be any changes. We reiterate that we should comply with the laws due to the current circumstances prevailing in our country.


May Allah Ta’ala hasten the day where we are able to return to Masaajid and fulfil its rights in its entirety, Ameen.


Taraweeh Guidelines



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