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Jamiatul Ulama Kzn Blanket and Stationery Distribution Report

The Jamiatul Ulama Kzn received a request from Mr Paul Dlaminia principal of a local school in Clare Estate, Durban named SM Jhavary for assistance intended for their underprivileged students. A meeting was set up with the principal and deputy principal Mr Nanhoo and a list was prepared by the school of all the recipients ranging from Grade R to Grade 7. In total 100 students of mix race and religion where chosen as worthy recipients.

On Thursday morning November 15, 2012 a delegation from the Jamiat KZN office departed for the school with a 100 new blankets and stationary sets each pack consisting of 1 x A4 Exercise Book, 1 x A5 Exercise Book, book labels, pens pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, crayons, colour pencils and paper glue.

The school principal and staff and students were extremely overjoyed on seeing the Jamiat members and the items for distribution. The principal even remarked that in his entire teaching career this is the first time he has received such wonderful new items, usually he receives items after people have used them and no longer have use for them.

May Allah Ta’ala accept all our humble efforts. Ameen

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