During the month of February, the Project H.E.L.P team identified several individuals to uplift and empower. The aim of this initiative is to promote independence rather than remaining dependent on others.




A couple approached our Welfare department seeking assistance to set up a small tuckshop in their locality. After a full assessment by the Project H.E.L.P team, the initiative was approved.


The feedback received from the couple was extremely positive, which is cited below:


“As salaam alaykum wa Rahmatulahi wa barakatu, me and my family would like to say JazakAllah wa khayr to the staff at Jamiat for granting us this amazing opportunity to run a business and grow in many different aspects of our lives. Alhamdulillah we have never ever received such a speedy service delivery. We woke up asking each other as husband and wife are we dreaming. The business plan was only submitted a few days ago not even a full on week and here ShukarAllah and it’s so sad words can’t give the staff at Jamiat by haq what they deserve. May Allah accept all you guys duaas n grant you’ll the best in this life and the Akhirah. Ameen Ya Rabbi.”





One brother had a small hardware store in the Malagazi area, south of Durban serving the local people of the area. In February, he approached the Jamiat KZN, requesting assistance to purchase stock. After the initial assessment by the Project H.E.L.P team, the brother was assisted with obtaining stock for his business.


Below is the feedback received from the brother:


“I make dua that this letter finds you in the best of health. I’m blessed and highly favoured by Allah, to have been awarded to be a recipient of this most generous and prestigious grant towards my business, by Jamiatul Ulama KZN. I’m humbled and thankful, to say the very least. This is amazing!! My family is ecstatic!!! We’re extremely appreciative for your generosity. It is the materialization of the love and care of the noble Jamiatul Ulama towards vulnerable people. Happiness is an understatement! Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart… words can’t express my gratitude. May Allah look at Jamiatul Ulama, Its trustees and all members with mercy and grant them the best in this life and in the hereafter. May Allah increase the barakah of the organisation and all its Respected Ulama and grant them goodness always.”




A request was received from an individual to start a grass-cutting and garden services. The business plan was submitted to the Jamiat, which was assessed and found to be a worthwhile initiative. The Jamiat assisted the individual in procuring an industrial lawn-mower and an industrial blower as well as initial funding so that the business could get up and running.




The Project H.E.L.P team also conducted a distribution of hampers in the Durban CBD.


On the 10th of February, a devastating fire broke out in the Durban CBD, leaving a number of families displaced. As a result, these families were left in dire need of basic essentials.


Alhamdulillah, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Project H.E.L.P team coordinated a hamper distribution to those who were displaced from their homes.


Approximately twenty hampers were distributed consisting of beans, milk, sugar, maize meal, rice, tea bags as well as other items.


The hampers were well received by the recipients and greatly appreciated.


May Allah Ta’ala accept the efforts of all involved, reward the donors for their generosity and ease the difficulties of the Muslim Ummah, wherever they may be, Ameen Ya Rabbul Aalameen.



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