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Kindly co-sign the letter – Made in Palestine

Dear Brother/Sister

The Zionist lobby has flooded the department of trade and industry with objections to SA move to have goods made in occupied territories labelled from made in Israel to made in Palestine. We need to show the department our support for the move. Please see our letter to minister below and the contact details for ministry provided and send a simple short letter to minister in support of the legislation.
The South African Muslim Network urges you to co-sign the letter below and forward to our office by Thursday the 7th of June 2012.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies today met with a delegation of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in Cape Town to discuss the notice on incorrect labelling of products. On 10 May 2012 Davies issued a notice in terms of Section 24 of the Consumer Protection Act calling for public comments on the allegations relating to incorrect labelling. The notice was issued after receiving a submission from a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that presented a prima-facie case to address a consumer rights issue.
The Jewish Board of Deputies (JBD) was concerned with the tone used in the notice and expressed the view that since it was in response to a particular NGO, the issuing was tainted. They also suggested that Davies should withdraw the notice.
Minister indicated that the he could not meet with them before due to operational reasons and that department had met with the Israeli Ambassador.
Minister Davies said that the process would be concluded and invited all parties to submit their concerns.
Sidwell Medupe-Departmental Spokesperson
Tel: (012) 394 1650
Mobile: 079 492 1774
Email: MSMedupe@thedti.gov.za
Issued by: Department of Trade and Industry
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South African Minister of Trade and Industry
Honourable Minister Rob Davies

21st May 2012-05-21

RE: ‘Made in Palestine’ labels

Dear Minister Davies

There are in excess two hundred resolutions against the state of Israel since its 1967 illegal occupation of Palestinian, Syrian and Jordanian land.

Present day circumstances in Occupied Palestine are worse than under the Apartheid system as confirmed by people like Bishop Desmond Tutu, Israeli Activists and International humanitarians, even ex-president Jimmy Carter wrote a book that made it clear that Palestinians are treated worse than black people were under Apartheid in South Africa.

It is crucial for people of conscience to be able to identify products that emanate from Occupied Palestine and therefore a significant sector of the South African population are supportive of your department’s proposal to require “Made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories” labels on products from the region in place of “Made in Israel” labels.

We have no doubt that the presidency, the portfolio committee, you, your department and parliamentarians will be the subject of a well organised, resourceful and determined lobbing blitz from Zionists and we urge you not to be swayed by this. Notwithstanding the propaganda that the media will no doubt churn out, the opposition to Israeli and the BDS campaign is not about anti Semitism or religion or denial of Jewish people’s security, it is about land theft and illegal inhumane oppression. The vast majority of people in South Africa and the developing world support the rights and plight of the occupied Palestinian people. We are all well aware that it was not the armed struggle per se that forced the apartheid regime to come to the negotiating table but rather the impact of boycotts, sanctions and disinvestments. The Israeli government is even more repressive and oblivious to the plight of the Palestinians than the apartheid regime was and therefore needs external pressures to urge it to a just and equitable settlement with Palestinians.

We urge you to continue with the process of legislating the “Made in Palestine labels.”

Kind regards
Dr Faisal Suliman (Chairman)

MJC and MRN salutes DTI’s call
Muslim Judicial Council and the Media Review Network support Dept. of Trade and Industry call for end in trade with Israel for misleading labels.

The Muslim Judicial Council[MJC] and the Media Review Network(MRN) support the position of the Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies, who is leading the charge against traders who mislabel products from the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) as Israeli. The adjustment of and implementation of South African trade policies place the onus on traders to ensure that their trading partners are legal entities and uphold international law.

The occupied territories are not defined as Israeli territories, and thus Section 26 of the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 68 of 2008) protects traders by ensuring that products from the occupied territories are not labeled as Israeli products.

The Minister’s intention is welcomed as it will raise awareness that South African’s should remain committed to regulations that promote global justice, legal trade and the preservation of the identity of a people. This will also raise consciousness of human rights violations and the illegal status of occupation forces.
While products from the Israeli Settlements in the OPT are illegal under international law; Israel has tried exporting them in recent years under the false pretence and labelling of these products as ‘Made in Israel’.
We therefore urge all traders and consumers to be observant in order to ensure that we do not support the atrocities committed during the occupation of Palestinian land.
Recent actions of consciousness against Israeli policies came from:

– Western Cape, Diplomatic Boycott: In a diplomatic setback for Israel, earlier this week, the Western Cape MEC for Agriculture, Gerrit van Rensburg, cancelled his trip to Israel after being notified of SA government policy.

– J.M Coetzee, Cultural Boycott: On Tuesday, Israel’s Ha’aretz Newspaper reported that the South African Nobel Prize Laurette, has refused to attend the upcoming Israeli Writers festival saying that he would only go to Israel “when the peace process goes forward.” Another writer to also have cancelled his trip to the same festival, although claiming other diplomatic engagements, was Vikwas Sarup.

– Divestment from Caterpiller Victory: The Quaker Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC), an international Quaker organization, which holds over $200 million in assets, has divested from Caterpillar. FFC divested $900,000 in shares of Caterpillar, a company notorious for its sale of weaponized bulldozers to Israel, used to illegally demolish Palestinian homes.

Issued by:

Nabeweya Malick / Ibrahim Vawda

Public Relations/ Media Liason / Senior Researcher

Muslim Judicial Council / Media Review Network

083 408 1157 / 072 295 0088

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