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Lessons to be learnt from current situation in Palestine.

Maulana Dawood Seedat (Khalifa of Maulana Yunus Patel Rahmatullahi Alayh)

Best quote to date on the Gaza crisis by a Palestinian in Gaza :

“Always I thought that Israel controls Gaza, but today I had to realize that Israel controls all muslim countries except Gaza! “

Are Your Tired of the Issue of Gaza?

I sometimes don’t want to read about what is happening in Gaza. I just want to shut off because it depresses me. Then, I think to myself, If bombs were raining down on my head, my wife and children were dying around me, would I want the world to forget my plight.

1. Read the media & see what lesson Allah Ta’ala’s teaching us. How they are sacrificing their lives, you sacrifice your lives in ALLAHS obedience. Their shops & houses are being bombed but they are staying to defend the Haram, yet we can’t sacrifice our shop for Zohar Salah.

2. How much they bomb & kill, they will never put out the light of Imaan. Salah, Tabligh, Taraweeh, I’tikaaf are all still taking place there. What can the Kuffar do? They can only make us feel despondent in the newspaper. The newspaper is a whole load of nonsense.

3. Muslims have always been giving their lives for islam. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s uncle & family members had to go.

4. Marching isn’t the solution. The solution is to come on Sirate Mustaqeem.

5. Go & boycott all the products, but if you don’t come on Salah, Sunnah, Deen, Dawat & clean this heart, you won’t get the help of Allah & their economy will not be crippled.

6. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam traded with the Jews. He knew they were the enemy but still he traded with them. Why? Trading or not trading with them is not a pre-condition for the help of Allah.

7. Help of Allah will come when the Ummah brings Aamal & then it will matter not whether the Jews are rich or poor. They will not be able to do anything.

8. We just get emotional. We want to go jump in the road, hold couple of placards, take our women & advertise them to all the non-Muslims & think the help of Allah is going to come. Help of Allah will not come like that.

9. Help of Allah will come when the Ummah will wake up at Tahajjud time, the Ummah will shed tears, sacrifice their children & give their wealth, life & time for this Deen, then the Help of Allah will come.

10. No use sitting and crying ‘Palestine, Palestine,’ & we want to boycott one chocolate & shampoo & our house & car are on interest & our business is on overdraft. Whose coffers are we filling? We ourselves waging war with Allah by dealing in interest. Someone should march against us.

11. Whatever happens in Palestine is a depiction of the condition of the Ummah. When the Aamal of the Ummah will be right, there will be peace in Palestine.

12. When we will choose sleep over Salah, fashion over Sunnah, exposing the hair over Hijab, the Kuffar way of dressing over the Sunnah way & utilising our money in the cinema & the clubs as opposed to in the Path of Allah, then we are buying the bombs, bullets & white phosphorous to kill our brothers in Palestine. They are being martyred and going to Paradise, but what will be our outcome in the hereafter? Not only did we not help our brother, we contributed to his killing. What answer will we give?

13. To march is easy. Wake up for Tahajjud & shed tears. Throw the TV & music out of the house, including the musical ringtones. The very thing causing the destruction of the Ummah, we want to do the very same thing.

14. What is the UN going to do for the Muslims? Before being voted in the president of United States went around saying Guantanamo Bay will be closed. People started tracing his lineage back to Sahabah. Our mind is on people, wealth & superpowers. We have forgotten Allah. Kalima is only on our tongues, hence our gazes shift elsewhere. When gaze is on Allah, who the president is of this country & that country will not affect us, because Allah runs the world.

15. Our Palestinian brothers passing away there are giving us a lesson & Dawat. They are writing the history of Islam in their blood & are asking what are you doing for Deen?

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