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Madrassa Noor launches audio website to enlighten Ummah

Madrassa An-Noor for the Blind, a specialist educational institute for the visually impaired, has launched a dedicated new audio website, facilitating access to a wealth of audio books and recordings produced by the Madrassa.

The website now enables any sighted or visually impaired individual anywhere in the world to download the Madrassa’s audio books free of charge.

Speaking to Cii Radio, Yaseen Mohammed, Manager of the Madrassa’s Audio Department, said the audiobooks available on the website were a culmination of many years of labour intensive professional digital audio production done at the premises of Madrassa An-Noor. “All of our audiobooks were specifically created for the Islamic needs of the blind and visually impaired,” he said.

Mohammed explained that braille and audio were the chief mechanisms for visually impaired individuals to access knowledge. However, the limited reach of braille sources of knowledge meant that audio materials increasingly have to fill the void.

Mohammed said the Madrassa has an extensive database of visually impaired individuals who it had been dispatching Islamic audio materials to – in cassette and CD formats – over many years. However, the limitations of the postage system had necessitated a project such as the website where these audio materials would be available to the the global listener on demand.

Books at the Madrassa Noor audio library are selected by a panel of Ulama, based on their relevance as well as utility to students studying at the Madrassa. The print books are then narrated and recorded in the Madrassa’s in-house studio, by Asaatiza, students as well as trained volunteers. Great care is taken to match a voice to a book which serves to enhance the listener’s experience. New titles are added to othe collection on a regular basis.<

From the 20 gigabytes of data already uploaded by the the audio department are titles on Quraan, Ahadeeth, Aqaaid, Seerah and Fiqh. A unique offering of the audio library is its bouquet of children’s story books and its epic audio editions of Fazaail e A’maal, Fazaail Sadaqah and Ta’leemul Haq.

The website can be accessed HERE

Ebrahim Moosa – Cii News | 09 April 2013

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