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The Jamiatul Ulama KZN offers a service of registration of marriages in accordance with the South African Marriage Act. In terms of the Act, for a marriage union to be recognised and legal, the marriage must be registered by any office of the Department of Home Affairs, or court or an authorised marriage officer appointed by the Department of Home Affairs.

There are several Ulama based at the Jamiat offices who are registered Marriage Officers (MOs) and are able to register marriages in accordance with the Marriages Act.



For marriage registration purposes, the following requirements must be adhered to:

a) An Ante-nuptial Contract excluding the accrual system must be drawn by an attorney. Cost in drawing up an ANC Contract may vary (You may contact the Jamiat for advice).

b) Both spouses must be South African citizens (possessing the green coded ID Document). Marriage officers are not permitted to register a marriage when any one or both spouses are of foreign origin. In such a case, only the Home Affairs may register the marriage.

c) In the case where any one or both spouses being married (registered) previously, then a court decree of divorce/death must be produced.

At the time of registration, the following documents are required:

a) Both spouses must be present with the original ID documents.

b) Accompanied with three passport size colour photos of each spouse.

c) First page of the ANC Contract identifying the Protocol No.

d) Nikah Certificate


Booking for Registration is essential.

Please call our offices on 031 2077 099 for an appointment.

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