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Question and Answer:
Q. As salamu alaikum. Respected Moulana. If possible can the jamiat at some stage in whatever format(print, email, bayaan, poster, or which ever suitable way) give some nasheehat on use of musjid toilets. Cover everything. Even guidelines how it should be designed. Taking into consideration “wear and tear”, colour scheme(so the soiling by shoes, general dust and dirt and other “things”) are not so visible like when using white or other light colour tiles and finishes. Good Ventilation and lighting. Selecting proper flush system like the flush master unit. Selecting long lasting good quality fittings and replacing broken ones.

After that how to relieve oneself and clean up(your self and the toilet). Also relieve your self in the toilet and not surroundings. I have seen men standing at a low toilet and urinating. A muazzin told me of kids urinating all over including in the water jug. Yes its true. A brother who supplies general hardware and maintenance parts to the musjids say he has to continuously provide small parts and mechanisms for inside the cistern which people steal. The toilet cannot operate with out these parts. The cistern now has a anti theft bracket and lock.

Explain General cleanliness etiquettes. You think these men and boys will try this shoddy behaviour at home. Then again a lady once told me you should see the ladies toilets at places that do have facilities. This is verified. I wont go into details. Unfortunately the situation is dire, a man suffering with diarrhoea running into the musjid toilet on seeing the state may well leave with constipation.

(Question published as received)

A. The question itself provides many answers for the solutions it seeks but more than that it paints a very bleak picture of our behaviour as Muslims. For adherents of a religion that teaches, “Half of one’s faith is cleanliness”, it seems we have strayed far from the mark.

One of the hallmarks of a Muslim is to love for one’s brother/sister what one loves for oneself. What condition do we like to find the toilet in when we have need to relieve ourselves? How do we feel when we have a desperate need to use the toilet only to find the toilet in a nauseating condition? At that time do duas or curses flow from our tongues for inconsiderate persons?

A few days ago we published the Nasihah of the best Islam is that person’s who does not cause harm to other Muslims. It is profoundly sad that at such a calamitous time for the Ummah, we are still grappling with our ABCs.

And Allah Knows Best

Fatwa Department
Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)
Council of Muslim Theologians

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