Obituary of Moulana Nazim Hunter Rahimahullah (1956 – 2020)

Tuesday, 15th of December 2020, marked the sad demise of a great servant of Deen, Moulana Nazim Hunter (Rahmatullahi Alayh).

Moulana was born in 1956 in Cape Town and grew up under the mentorship of Shaikh Abdur Rahman Salih, spending much of his youth involved in Tableegh Jamaat activities.

In 1973, Moulana enrolled amongst the first batch of students at the newly established Darul Uloom Newcastle, the very first Darul Uloom established in South Africa, founded by the late Moulana Cassim Mahomed Sema (Rahmatullahi Alayh).

He spent 10 years at Darul Uloom Newcastle and was amongst the first group of Ulamaa to qualify in South Africa in 1983. He was regarded as the protégé of Moulana Cassim Sema and was held in high esteem by both his Asatizah and peers who would affectionately call him by the title ‘Mufti’.

After graduating, Moulana served as Imaam and teacher in Weenen (a small rural town) in KwaZulu-Natal for approximately 9 years, where he earned the love and respect of the community he served.

In the mid 1990’s, Moulana Hunter moved to Durban and established the Foundation for Islamic Tarbiyah, in conjunction with Moulana Rafiek Mohamed and Moulana Junaid Adam.

Moulana had a vision of reviving the 4 major efforts of Rasulullaah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) through the foundation:


  1. Ta’leem and Ta’allum (learning and teaching)
  2. Tazkiyah (purification /self-reformation)
  3. Da’wah (propagation)
  4. Jihaad (knowledge of Jihaad and preparation)


Moulana established a program of higher learning in Islamic studies at the foundation in the Durban CBD, where through the Grace of Allah, four students qualified as Ulamaa studying part-time over a period of 9 years.


Moulana also established Madrasatul Qaanitaat, an institute of higher learning for females that taught the Arabic language and the Islamic sciences of Tafseer, Fiqh and Hadith. He supervised fitness training camps for the youth, which offered both spiritual and physical training.


Moulana held a deep interest in global politics and issues affecting the Ummah and in particular the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam. To this end, Moulana hosted numerous seminars and programmes to inform and conscientize the Muslim public of these conspiracies and the challenges they posed.

Moulana played an active role in the affairs of the Jamiat as well as many other institutions serving the interests of Muslims.

He was known for his easy character, selflessness, sincerity and devotion to Deen. In particular, his sincerity was acknowledged by his Late Shaikh and Murshid, Moulana Abdul Hafeez Makki (Rahmatullahi Alayh), his Ustaadh Moulana Cassim Sema (Rahmatullahi Alayh) and Moulana Abdul Haq Omarjee (Rahmatullahi Alayh), one of the senior-most Ulama of South Africa.

Those that knew Moulana would all testify to his simplicity and abstentious nature. He hardly had any affiliation with worldly possessions.

May Allah Ta’ala accept all of Moulana’s efforts and grant him the highest stages in Jannatul Firdous with his Mashaaikh, Asatizah and those whom Allah Ta’ala has favoured among the Ambiyaa (عليهم السلام), the Siddeeqeen, the Shuhadaa and the Saaliheen, Aameen.

His Janaza Salaah was led by his life long friend and brother in law, Moulana Rafiek Mahomed and Moulana was laid to rest at the Al Hilaal Cemetery in Durban on Wednesday 16 December 2020.

Moulana is survived by his Mother, 2 sons, 4 daughters and siblings.

May Allah Ta’ala bless his family with sabr e jameel and ajar e azeem for this great loss, Ameen.


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