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One Qurbani for multiple persons

Nasihah (Advice): Qurbani with a happy heart


Sayyidatuna Aaishah (Radhiyallahu Anha) has reported that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam has said, “There is nothing dearer to Allah during the days of Qurbani than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Qiyamah with its horns, hair, and hooves (to be weighed on a person’s good deeds). The sacrifice is accepted by Allah before the blood reaches the ground. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart.” (Tirmizi)






  1. Due to financial restrains and being over committed this year,we don’t have full money for atleast one qurbaani. Is it possible ,we and our kids join and pay to do one Qurbaani?


(Question published as received)



Qurbani is only be Wajib (obligatory) on a person who is:


1) Of sound mind – mature (has reached the age of puberty),

2) Muqeem (i.e. he is not a Shar῾i traveller)

3) Possesses the amount of 612.36 grams of silver or wealth equivalent to that value (Value as of 1st Zul-Hijjah 1436: R 4 168.52) which is in excess of one’s basic needs and debts, on any of the three days of Qurbani. It is not necessary that this amount be in one’s possession for a complete year.


Therefore, only if a person meets the criteria which necessitate Qurbani will Qurbani be compulsory on him/her.


A sheep, goat or ram can only be sacrificed on behalf of one person’s Wajib Qurbani. Similarly, a share in a camel, cow, bull or buffalo can only discharge the obligation of one person.



And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best



Mufti Moosa Salie



Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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