Maulana Khalid Dhorat


Everyone thinks that Israel controls the world. They are very wrong! They control the whole world besides one of the smallest and most impoverished countries: it’s called “Palestine.” Nowadays, everything is made in China, besides sacrifice and determination. That’s made in Palestine!


As our screens are filled with heartrending graphic images of the Zionist bombing and killing of an entire unarmed civilian nation, particularly male children and pregnant women, into oblivion, everyone has been asking the same question: “What can I do about it?”


Some governments have considered breaking diplomatic ties with Israel. SA has only threatened to do so, but some countries like Bolivia, Chile and Argentina have actually done so. Many consumers have considered boycotting Israeli brands and stores like Woolworths who simply refuse to pull Israeli products off their shelves, civil society has been very active marching and protesting at various State organs, delivering fiery speeches and presenting petitions, whilst the religious leaders have been engaged in prayers and various forms of supplications. However, others have also been busy doing something else.


These “others” have been busy strengthening their murderous ties with Israel, sending them more arms and ammunition, and making sure that any ceasefire agreement is in total favour of the Israelis. Many western countries fall into this category. Then we have many eastern countries, much more than western countries, who have been either complicit in the bombing of Gaza, or are simply waiting in the wings for the Sunni world to fully disintegrate so that they can take advantage of the internal chaos to further their own political ends. These are the hypocrites in our midst. They all have a common enemy: those who resist injustice and evil, known as the true Mujahideen.


The Palestinian issue is an ongoing one since 1948, and it’s only intensifying by the day. In America, the westerners took a mere 50 years to totally decimate the Native Red-Indian population by means of forcing them to live in reservations and destroying their bison herds. In 1840, the Red Indians had 13 million heads of bison, but by 1885, they were reduced to only 200. The Israelis, in comparison, have already been 66 years into this conflict within a vastly smaller country and with much more advanced weaponry. There were only 1.9 million people living in Palestine in 1948, but after 66 years of grabbing over 90% of the land, forcing millions into refugee camps and murdering many more thousands, we still have 1.6 million Palestinians left!


Something does not add up here. Palestine was supposed to have vanished 60 years ago, but it seems that it will eventually become the graveyard of not only the Zionists, but the hypocrites within our ranks too, both those who claim to be from the Ahlus Sunnah, and those who pretend to  be part of them.


There is no Palestinian flag

Palestine was merely a province of the vast Ottoman Caliphate before WWI after which it came under British Mandate from 1918 to 1948, the year when Palestine was “given” to the Zionists. In an attempt to divide the Muslim ummah, a British campaign led by General Edmund Allenby, the British Empire‘s commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, drove the Turks out of the Levant. This was according to the Sykes–Picot Agreement that sought to honour Arab desire of independence if they revolted against the Ottomans. This breaking up of Muslim political unity was seen as an act of betrayal by the ummah, and today (more than 70 years therafter), we are witnessing the fruits of this betrayal.


After the ummah was split, and Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon became independent states with the help of their non-Muslim “saviours,” the time was now ripe to release the “Balfour Declaration” promising a Zionist “national home” in Palestine. How would one expect these very states to assist the ummah today when their very foundations was built upon betraying them?


On this occasion, George Curzon, the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1911-1921), said: “We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic unity between the sons of the Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Caliphate, so we must ensure that there will never arise again unity for the Muslims, whether it be intellectual or cultural unity.”


Palestine could only be given to the Zionists, known as the scum of the earth, who were historically persecuted and chased out of 79 countries, when the Muslim ummah was split. So, instead of chanting “Palestine, Palestine,” which is really a shameful British division, let us rather chant “Islamic Caliphate, Islamic Caliphate,” which is really what we have to be striving for. Even If the Zionists were to return all the land to the Palestinians tomorrow and compensate then fully for their losses, the problem will not end. Remember, Palestine is a province of the vast ummah which will one day overcome the entire world, it’s not a country on its own.



As Muslims, we have to do everything in our control from changing our lifestyles, praying, consumer boycotting, to protesting, doing relief work, petitioning, and also engaging in active warfare against those who murder us and destroy our property. Muslims don’t believe in the “Gandhian” concept of “if someone slaps you on cheek, present your other cheek for a better slap!” If the Zionists kill 1000 Palestinian babies, must we present another 2000 to them?  The people who gave us this stupid philosophy don’t practice at all upon it themselves! It’s meant for us to become nothing but sheep for the slaughter.


So, we have to firstly clear our western dictionaries and subjugated minds from terminologies such as “terrorism and rebels,” which attaches a stigma to lawful defence. We have “human shielding,” which is nothing more than an excuse of killing innocent children, which the Zionists think may be an “Imam Mahdi” in the making who will eventually cause their defeat. We have “moderate and extremist Muslims,” which mean nothing more than those who are willing to sell their religion, and those who do not. Then we have the pejorative “Islamists” who believe that Islam is a combination of religion and state, but the west would prefer you to only look at Islam in terms of inward devotion.


Let’s examine every word fed to us in mainstream media and see the poison in it. Let us become a literate and independently thinking nation, not one dependant on BBC and CNN for our opinions. Let us use the very same digital media and social media platforms such as satellite channels, websites, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM etc that the west uses to demonise Muslims and spread propaganda against us, to expose the reality and their hypocrisy. Technology is meant to use, not to abuse. Let us use our vast wealth to distribute wealth equitably amongst everyone on earth, rather than supporting the usury system upon which banks enslave us with our own money!


The Countdown

Palestine is a land of prophecy and the land in which the final battle of truth and evil will take place. Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in this final epic battle, also kown as Armageddon, but with different interpretations. As Muslims go from pillar to post, begging individuals, governments, and agencies to help stop the genocide in Palestine, our Noble Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) told us exactly who will do so. I haven’t heard anyone thus far calling for their support!


On the authority of Thawban, the Messenger of the Almighty (may peace be upon him) said: “If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan go to them immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al-Mahdi.” [Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim, Ahmad] Narrated Abdur Rehman Al-Jarshi that our most beloved Dear Prophet (may peace be upon him) said: “Surely the Black Flag will appear from the Khurasan, until the people (under the leadership of this flag) will tie their horses with the Olive Trees between Bait-e-Lahya and Harasta.” We asked are there any Olive trees between these places. He said: “If there isn’t then soon it will grow so that those people (of Khurasan) will come and tie their horses there.” [Kitab-al-Fitan, page 215)


This is perhaps the reason why the Zionists are uprooting all the olive trees in Palestine and Syria – they will be used by their enemies for shade on to hang their swords thereon. Harasta, also known as Harasta al-Basal, is the 43rd largest city in Syria which administratively belonging to Rif Dimashq. Beit Lahia is a Palestinian town of about 40,000 people in the northern Gaza Strip. It is located north of Jabalia, near Beit Hanoun, and it shares a border with Israel. Hamas took control of it during the 2005 municipal elections, and most of the Zionist genocide is currently taking place here. It seems they are terrified of their ending, so they must take everyone with them.


Finally, no one can predict exactly when this will happen, but when it does, our activism will have to switch from low to top gear

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