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PRESS Release: Film – Innocence of Muslims(Jamiat KZN)

PRESS Release: Film – Innocence of Muslims

Any film or publication which vilifies any Nabi (Alayhis salaam) of Almighty Allah justifies condemnation. This film not only vilifies the personality who is revered by billions of followers in every part of the world, but is also constitutes a grave misrepresentation.

The offensive film is directed at the following mischief:-

Firstly, it is obviously intended to create the furor and backlash which it has achieved. The evil perpetrators of this heinous conduct ie. all those associated, in any way whatsoever with the creation and dissemination of such film intended and effectuated the loss of lives and other negative consequences that have since ensued.

Secondly, these evil doers are also driven by the desire to profit as much as possible financially from such unconscionable conduct and in compromise of all and any semblance of decency they have traded their souls for money.

We recommend :
1. Appropriate legal and other proceedings be instituted against the perpetrators as no reasonable and civilized society should and would tolerate such heinous and base conduct.
2. Extensive public condemnation together with adequate penalties and punishment within the relevant legal framework should be imposed and in this respect both appropriate criminal and civil proceedings should be instituted.
3. Increase recitation of Durood Shareef and inculcate within us the noble teachings of our beloved Nabi Sallallahu alahi wasalaam.
4. Demonstrate to the world the Akhlaaq of Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wasalam.

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