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Project H.E.L.P – Feeding Programme 2021


Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Whoever alleviates the need of a needy person, Allah Ta’ala will alleviate his needs in this world and the Hereafter.” (Sahih Muslim)



The Jamiatul Ulama KZN initiated a weekly feeding programme for the underprivileged residents of Durban and surrounding areas. Alhamdullilah, hot meals and bottled water are provided with the assistance of volunteers. The Jamiat KZN also provides meals every Tuesday to the Al Waqf Soup Kitchen in Overport.

The following areas have been assisted by the Project H.E.L.P team thus far:

• Effingham
• Chatsworth
• Umlazi
• Inanda

May Allah Tala accept the efforts made by volunteers who assisted in making the distribution easier and make it a means of guidance for the recipients who were so appreciative, Ameen.

And above all we make Shukar to Almighty Allah Ta’ala for affording us the opportunity in serving His creation, as well as our donors for their generous contributions.



Persons who wish to participate as volunteers in such social outreach projects can contact Moulana Ridwan Bayat at the Jamiatul Ulama KZN offices on 031 2077 099 or email projects@jamiat.org.za to be added on our WhatsApp volunteer database.

Banking Details for Project H.E.L.P.

Al Baraka – Kingsmead (800 000)
Account Name: Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)
Account No: 786 00219 999
Ref: PROJECT H.E.L.P & Your Name

Jazakallah Khayr

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