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PROJECT H.E.L.P. – John Dunn House Frail Care Centre for the Aged




After observing the immense positive effect our visit, feeding and gifts had on the over 200 aged residents at the Tafta Lodge old age home, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN PROJECT H.E.L.P. relief team decided to go one step further and visit those of the aged even more less fortunate than these. The aged who are either permanently bedridden, in a wheelchair or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and therefore in constant need of frail care.


Alhamdo-Lillah on Thursday November 17th 2016, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN PROJECT H.E.L.P. relief team and volunteers visited TAFTA’s poorest frail care centre, the John Dunn House, in Wentworth. Each of the elderly residents at the frail care centre are reliant solely on government’s pension grant and have no family support at all. The Jamiat KZN Skills Empowerment Workshop learners assisted the team by attending to the female residents.

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It was a indeed a humbling experience for the team and its volunteers to visit the residents at Tafta’s John Dunn frail care home for the elderly. The team was warmly welcomed by the residents. In fact, each of the residents enjoyed the company and the opportunity to have someone to talk to and reminisce on their younger years.

The female students from the Jamiat KZN Skills Empowerment Workshop treated each of the female residents with a light hand & foot pamper massage.  During this time, it gave the learners an opportunity to interact with each of the female residents and provide some caring companionship.  The soothing effect of the massage and the caring nature of the students had an amazing impact on the elderly women.

They expressed that this was the first time that they were being pampered in this way and that the sense of touch made them feel much loved.



By the grace of Allah Ta’ala the PROJECT H.E.L.P. team managed to distribute the following essential items to the frail care centre:

  • 600 adult diapers
  • 1000 disposable latex gloves


In addition, each of the 79 residents were given a personalised toiletry gift pack and a polar fleece throw.

Something so modest may not seem like much to most people but to the elderly people who can barely recall the last time they felt wanted and appreciated it means the world.


When we were leaving, they thanked us from the recesses of their hearts and requested another visit soon saying, “Please don’t forget about us”.


May Allah Ta’ala use our humble efforts as a means of attracting them towards Imaan and Islam. May He accept the contributions of our donors and the efforts of all involved, Aameen.




For donations towards future PROJECT H.E.L.P. local outreach efforts, kindly deposit funds into the following bank account:

Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Lillah Projects)

FNB Umgeni Junction (200913)

Account Number: 5089 1141 828

Reference: Project HELP/Name

Lillah or Sadaqah ONLY!

Strictly NO ZAKAAT!


Jazak-Allah Khair.

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