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Ramadaan FAQ

(Pertaining to fasting)

1. What is the status of Sehri in Ramadaan?

A. Sehri is a Sunnah practice. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) is reported to have said,”Partake of Sehri, for verily there is barakah (blessings) in Sehri.” (Bukhari #: 1789 and Muslim #: 1835,Narrated by Anas–RadiyallahuAnhu).
However the fast is valid without Sehri.

2. Is it okay to use toothpaste or toothpowder whilst fasting?

A. It is reprehensible (makrooh) to do so. (JawaahirulFiqh, V: 1, P: 379, D.U. Karachi)

3. Does the use of an injection break the fast?

A. The fast is not nullified. However if the injection is injected directly into the stomach or brain,the fast would break. (AhsanulFatawa, V: 4, P: 432, Sa’eed).
NB. Dosages of Insulin injected to the abdomen does not invalidate the fast as it is not injected directly into the stomach.

4. Does the use of a drip break the fast?

A. No. (FataawaMahmoodiya, V: 10, P: 149, Farooqiyyah).

5. Can I have a blood test done whilst fasting?

A. Yes, you could do so provided that you do not become so weak that fasting becomes difficult.(AhsanulFatawa, V: 4, P: 435, Sa’eed)

6. If rain water enters my mouth and is swallowed, is my fast broken?

A. Yes. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah– V: 1, P:203, Turath; RaddulMuhtaar, V: 2, P: 403, Tijariyyah)

7. If one vomits, does it break the fast?

A. The fast is only broken if one had vomited a mouthful involuntarily and swallowed it voluntarily or if one had voluntarily (induced) vomited a mouthful whether swallowed or not.(al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah– V: 1, P: 203/4, Turath)
The definition of “mouthful (vomit)” is that which one cannot hold back in one’s mouth without difficulty.

8. If I have a wet dream whilst fasting, is my fast still valid?

A. Yes, the fast is still valid. (RaddulMuhtaar, V: 2, P: 396, Tijariyyah)

9. I need to insert medication into my eye on a daily basis. What is the status of my fast?

A. The fast is not affected by inserting medication into one’s eye, whether the medicine is liquid or non-liquid. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah, V: 1, P: 203, Turath)

10. Is it permissible to swim whilst fasting?

A. It is not advisable to swim whilst fasting. If water is swallowed by mistake or enters through the nose and reaches the brain then the fast will break and a qadha will have to be kept. (TahtaawiAlaaMaraqilFalaah, P: 671, Ilmiyyah)

11. Is it permissible to apply oil to the head whilst fasting?

A. Yes it is permissible to do so. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyya– V: 1, P: 203, Turath)

12. I am writing exams during Ramadaan and find it difficult to concentrate whilst hungry. CanI delay my fast until after Ramadaan?

A. It is not permissible to do so. Keep your fast and pray to Allah Ta’ala to make it easy for you.(FataawaRaheemiya V: 2. P: 34, DarulIsha’at old edition)

13. I am an asthmatic. Does the usage of the pump break my fast?

A. It is advisable that you use your pump at Sehri time and Iftaar time. However, if you do have an acute attack, you could use your pump. This will break your fast and a qadha will have to be kept. (TahtawialaMaraqilFalaah, P: 677, Ilmiyyah)

14. Will my fast break if my nose bleeds?

A. No, the fast is not broken by mere nosebleed. However if blood flows down the throat, it will break if one tastes the blood in the throat or the blood swallowed is more or equal to the saliva swallowed with it. If the blood is less than the saliva, the fast is still intact. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah– V:1, P: 203, Turath

15. Can one take a bath after Sehri, to be cleared from the state of Janaabat (requiring Fardh Ghusal)?

A. It is not advisable to unnecessarily delay the Fardh Ghusal. However if one is the position that he wants to partake of Sehri before taking the Ghusal then it is permissible. (FathulMulhim, V: 5, P: 226,DarulQalam)

16. Does smoking invalidate one’s fast?

A: Yes, it does invalidate one’s fast. (TahtawialaMaraqilFalaah, P: 677, Ilmiyyah)

17. It is permissible to use suppositories whilst fasting?

A. Inserting medication etc. Into the back private part/passage invalidates the fast. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah– V: 1, P: 204, Turath)

18. If one is fasting and sprays perfume on oneself and accidentally inhales some of the perfume, will it break the fast? Will qadha have to be made?

A.One’s fast does not break by wearing, feeling or smelling fragrance. As such, it is permitted to apply perfume (itr) whilst in the state of fasting. However, if one was to intentionally inhale something that has a perceptible body, such as smoke (like the smoke of lobaan, the vapour of perfumes, agharbatti, Oudh etc.), then one’s fast would become invalid. (TahtawialaMaraqilFalaah, P:660, Ilmiyyah)

19. Does masturbating break the fast?

A. One is not allowed to masturbate, whether fasting or not. However if one does this vile act whilst fasting then the fast will break and a qadha will have to be kept.(RaddulMuhtaar, V:. 2, P: 399,Tijariyyah)
NB: One should make sincere and abundant Taubah for this debase act.

20. Is it permissible for a husband and wife to kiss whilst fasting?

A. It is permissible, provided that:
i. One does not swallow the saliva of his/her partner.
ii. One has control over his/her desire and is not driven by desire to sexual intercourse or ejaculation. (RaddulMuhtaar, V: 2, P: 410, Tijariyyah)
However such an action in the state of fasting is not advisable.If the saliva of the spouse is swallowed then not only is Qadha to be made but also Kaffaarah(i.e. fasting consecutively for 60 days).


1. Does a woman have to keep qadha of fasts missed due to menstruation?

A. Yes, Sayyidatuna A’ishah (RadiallaahuAnha) reports from Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi WaSallam) that a menstruating woman will keep the qadha of missed fasts but there is no qadha for Salaah missed during menses. (I’laausSunan V: 1, P: 372, Idaratul Qur’an)

2. Can I visit my gynaecologist or have a pap-smear during Ramadaan?

A. The fast would be nullified if medication is inserted into the private part. It would therefore be advisable to delay the appointment until after Ramadaan. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah– V: 1, P: 204, Turath)

3. Is a fasting woman allowed to breastfeed her baby?

A. It is permissible for a fasting woman to breastfeed her child. Breastfeeding does not invalidate the fast. (JawahirulFiqh, V: 1, P: 380, D.U. Karachi)

4. Is it permissible to take the medication like the pill (contraceptive) throughout the month of Ramadaan to avoid getting one’s period in order to keep all the fasts as it is very difficult to keep the missed fasts?

A. Though it is permissible, it is not best to do so. It could have side effects like tampering with one’s cycle, etc. which leads to difficulties and problems in the future for Salaah, Umrah/Hajj etc. This is besides other long term medical harms.

5. I would like to obtain some clarity on women that miss fast in the month of Ramadaan due to being pregnant or are breastfeeding. Are they required to fast after Ramadaan the missed fasts or can they just pay the Fidyah?

A. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant may postpone the fast during Ramadaan if fasting will be detrimental to their health or the health of the child. After Ramadaan, they will have to make qadha of the fasts they had missed when they are in a position to do so. Paying the Fidyah will not suffice if one is physically able to make qadha of the missed fasts.
NB. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should consult an upright and experienced Muslim doctor for advice on whether fasting will be detrimental or not.

6. If a female starts menstruating whilst fasting in Ramadaan, can she eat (discreetly) when she is in seclusion? Similarly can she do so when she stops menstruating during the day? What if in both cases she kept the entire fast for that day. Will her fast be valid as she has completed some part of the fast as a pure/paak person?

A. If her menses has commenced whilst fasting then she may eat discreetly (out of people’s sight). However if her menses had terminated during the day, then she should abstain from eating and drinking etc. both in private and public and act as a fasting person.In both cases her fast will be invalid as menstruating women cannot fast. She will have to make qadha for these days as well after Ramadaan. (AhsanulFatawa, V: 4, P: 438, Sa’eed)

7. Is it permissible for a female to insert medicine through her private part whilst fasting?

A: Any form of medicine inserted into the internal part of a woman’s private will invalidate herfast. (al-Fataawa al-Hindiyyah– V: 1, P: 204, Turath)
And Allah Knows Best.

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