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Ramadan: meaning lost?

 The month of Ramadan is supposed to be filled with humble mornings and end with peaceful evenings. We are taught, or supposed to be taught, that Ramadan is the most significant month in the Islamic calendar. We fast because we are to feel how the poor feel.

I have come across high school girls who feel it is no longer necessary to fast during the month of Ramadan, despite it being one of the five basic principals of Islam. The only thing I felt that disappointed me more as a young Muslim was having to witness adults enjoying a Mcdonalds lunch, dressed in full Islamic attire during the month of Ramadan. I asked myself if this is the example young Muslims are to follow?

Our tempers shorten and our capacity to tolerate everyday obstacles deteriorates. Its only human nature that tension will arise when one has not eaten. Fasting demands a lot from one physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Without even realizing, our tone of voice and mannerism tends to head in a more aggressive direction. The key would be to hold ones composure. This is a major challenge for many, but it is one we all have to overcome.

What I have come to learn is that the modern world has infiltrated this sacred month. Traditions are being faded out and the elderly community can do nothing but watch it disappear before their eyes. Ramadan has become nothing short of a platform for cookbook launches and Islamic attire runway showcases. Conversations during this auspicious month rarely consist of anything less than what we’re eating tonight and what we’re wearing for Eid.

The religious significance of Ramadan is now but a folk story parents tell their children. With top of the line technology, does anyone ever bother to Google the significance of Ramadan? As a child growing up with the technological advances, I have to admit that religion should be one aspect untouched by technology.  With apps for everything I doubt “Accurate Prayer Times”, is a popular download as opposed to Angry Birds.

This should be the month of peace, tranquility and spiritual upliftment. We should focus on the religious aspects of this month and not the western aspects of it. This is the month to get closer to our Maker. Ramadan is more than starving ones’ self because it is “that time of the year again”. It should be about getting closer to God and becoming a better Muslim for ones’ self. Raeesah MahomedVOC


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