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Ramadhan 1434 | Majlis of Mufti Ebrahim Desai




Itikaaf 1434 |Majlis 5/08/2013

There is more emphasis in Shari’ah in abstaining from the don’ts of Shariah. In fact, the do’s of Shari’ah have many don’ts in them.

Mufti defined jealousy, spoke on its harms and how to overcome it. He stated jealousy is like a huge boom gate that prevents one from the ma’rifah and recognition of Allah.

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Ramadhan 1434 | Majlis 4/08/2013

Mufti quoted a verse from Surah Rahman. He gave a brief background on the Surah and expounded on being conscious of accountability in the court of Allah.


Mufti then presented some heart rendering incidents of staying away from illicit relationships.
This talk was very encouraging for the youth.

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I’tikaaf 1434 | 27thNight Lecture By Mufti Ebrahim Desai


I’tikaaf 1434 | 27th Night Lecture


Mufti spoke about the four types of love and how Allah loves us without any agenda and motive. He went on to speak about the three angles of love and how the love of Allah defies those angles.

Mufti Saheb then presents two prescriptions to inculcate the love of Allah in the heart.

1.      Help people.

2.      Connect with the pious people.


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   I’tikaaf Programmes of Mufti Ebrahim Desai 1/08/2013


How to combat the attacks of Shaytan | Majlis – 1/08/2013


On Thursday, 1 August 2013 during the 12 O clock Majlis, Mufti Ebrahim Desai explained the background of shaytans enmity with human beings and shaytans determination to lead us astray. Shaytan will never tell us directly to leave our Iman or steal or commit zina. He uses his weapon of waswasa (whispers) to condition our minds until we finally commit sins.

The challenge is to understand the tricks of shaytan and combat shaytan. Mufti presents effective ways to combat shaytan.


1.      Control ones thoughts

2.      Stay in the company of the pious


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