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Once Abu Hurayrah RA said “if it wasn’t for Abu Bakr, none would be worshipping Allah” He said this again and again till someone asked him to stop. Such a statement SubhanAllah! What moved him to say this?

Let’s first discover who was this giant of Islam and whatever praises we give him, will certainly never suffice.

Abu Hurayrah RA narrates that once RasulAllah SAW asked them which of them had begun the day by fasting, Abu Bakr RA said he had.RasulAllah SAW then asked which of them had visited a sick person that day, Abu Bakr RA answered that he had. RasulAllah SAW asked which of them had followed a funeral procession that day,again it was Abu Bakr RA replied that he had. RasulAllah SAW then asked which of them had fed a poor person that day, it was once again Abu Bakr RA who replied that he had done so. RasulAllah SAW then said that a person who carried out all these deeds on one day will certainly enter Jannah. – Bukhari. Thus Abu Bakr RA was a collection of good traits.

While Nabi SAW was in his final illness, just before he was about to pass away, he looked quite a bit better. So much so that the wives of RasulAllah SAW began beautifying each other in joy. Seeing the improved condition of the beloved SAW, Abu Bakr RA asked for permission to visit his wife who lived on the outskirts of Madina in Sunh. Nabi SAW allowed him to go.

Abu Bakr RA gets the most tragic news that the person whom he loved the most, has passed away. He returns to Madina and enters the room of Ayesha RA, the Azwaaje Mutaharaath are standing around the body of Nabi SAW, let’s pause here and imagine their hearts and their grief?? Yet even in that state of shock, all of them (except Aisha Siddeeqah RA) cover their faces with their niqaab. Allahu Akbar! What steadfast Imaan, neither did shock, nor grief nor joy move them to disobey Allah Taa’ala.

Abu Bakr RA kisses the forehead of RasulAllah SAW and says- ‘You were beautifully pleasant while alive and remain beautifully pleasant while in death.’

(Sadly the essence of this statement is lost in translation.)

Abu Bakr RA, who was friends with Nabi SAW in the days of Jahiliya, knew that the one who would never lie  about the creation, would never lie about Allah. Therefore when he came to Nabi SAW and said queried why were the people talking about him and why hadn’t he seen Nabi SAW in the gatherings for a while, Nabi SAW declared that he was the Rasul of Allah, without a second of hesitation, Abu Bakr RA became a Muslim. And what did he do next? Immediately he went out and gave da’wah to the Deen of Allah.  That is how most of the Asharah Mubasharah accepted Islaam. Can we imagine the rewards he will reap?

Abu Jahal came with great glee to Abu Bakr RA after Nabi SAW returned from mi’raaj and tried to shake the Imaan of Abu Bakr RA by asking him if he would believe such a story of someone travelling to the 7 heavens and back in a single night, again Abu Bakr RA with total conviction declared that if Nabi SAW said he went on me’raaj then he definitely did. This was when he gained the title of As- Siddeeq- the one who recognises and supports Haqq.

Once there was a slight argument between Abu Bakr RA and Umar RA, Nabi SAW then said  When Allaah sent me as a Nabi to you people, you all said that I was lying while Abu Bakr said, ‘You are speaking the truth.’ He then rendered me great assistance with his life and wealth. For my sake, will you people not leave this friend of mine alone (and refrain from causing him any sorrow)!” Rasulullaah SAW repeated this statement twice, after which no one ever caused any harm to As-Sidqeeq.

He was the one who gave all his wealth to assist the Deen of Allah, he freed many slaves including Bilal Bin Rabaah RA. He left his home and was the only one Nabi SAW was commanded to take with him to Madina. He was with Nabi SAW in the cave of Thaur, where Nabi SAW was resting with his blessed head on the leg of Abu Bakr RA and he SAW wakes up and sees Abu Bakr RA tearing and in pain due to being stung by a scorpion, but because he didn’t want to disturb Nabi SA, he didn’t move. SubhanAllah.

Nabi SAW called everyone before his death and repaid them except Abu Bakr RA because the service of Abu Bakr RA was impossible to repay in this world, therefore Allah Taa’la will repay Abu Bakr, Himself.

Action Items:

A)Leadership and simplicity equals justice.

B)The leader should be the greatest in virtue and chosen by the people.

C)Clinging to a life free of luxury will make the heart closer to Allah

D)The death of a pious person, is not a reason for one’s Imaan to fall.

E)Those who rush towards doing something good, will always be the best.

F)Serving the people,without a desire for reward, builds good character and a soft heart.

“No doubt! Whoever worshipped Muhammad, then Muhammad is dead, but whoever worshipped Allaah, then Allaah is Alive and shall never die.’

These were the historic words of Abu Bakr RA at the time when shockwaves of the death of Nabi SAW was shaking Madinah. A testament of his first love and loyalty being to Allah Ta’aala.

Then he recited;

Muhammad is not except a messenger; and indeed many messengers have passed away, before him, If he dies Or is killed, will you then Turn back on your heels? And he who turns back On his heels, not the least Harm will he do to Allah And Allah will give reward to those Who are grateful. [Qur’aan (3:144)

The Sahabaa RA state that when Abu Bakr RA read this ayah, it was as if it was the first time they had heard it and instantly, steadiness nudged aside the overwhelming bewilderment in Madina Shareef. Umar RA says;

“By Allah, when I heard Abu Bakr reciting it, my legs could not support me and I fell down at the very moment of hearing him reciting it, declaring that the Prophet had died.” (Saheeh Bukhari)

After some confusion amongst the Sahaba RA regarding who should be the Khalifah, an Ansari Hadrat Bashir bin an-Nu’man RA stood up and said, “The Prophet belonged to the Quraish tribe. Quraishites have preference over others. All the Arabs would agree on them. Therefore a Khalifah must be from amongst them. We do not want any dispute with Muhajirin in the matter of Khilafat. We the Medinites are Ansar (Helpers) and we would prefer to remain Helpers of Allah and His Holy Prophet (Sallaliahu’alaihi wa Sallam).”

Another Ansari Hadrat Zaid bin Thabit (R.A.) also supported this view and said, ” We Medinites were Ansar (Helpers) of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam) and would remain Ansar (Helpers) of his Khalifah as well.”

Umar said, “Abu Bakr is the best of all of us because Allah has mentioned him in the Holy Qur’an saying: “The one amongst two in the cave” (9:40). He further said, Abu Bakr excelled at every occasion during the life of the Prophet SAW. He deputised the Holy Prophet SAW in leading Salats, he was appointed the Chief of Haj caravan. As such he is the fittest person to be the Khalifah.”

Abu Bakr RA still hesitated but Umar RA and Zaid bin Thabit Ansari held his hand and took pledge of loyalty (Bai’at). Then Hadrat Abu ‘Ubaidah bin al-Jarrah and Bashir bin an-Nu’man Ansari also took pledge of loyalty at his hands. Seeing this people from all the sides rushed to pledge loyalty to Abu Bakr RA as the first successor of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu’alaihi wa Sallam).

May Allah Ta’ala reward Bashir RA and Zaid RA unendingly  for their foresight,Imaan and recognition of a worthy man.

After Khilaafah.

Abu Bakr RA lived in a tent made woven from animal hair in the area of Sunh ,that was a bit far from Madinaand he would sometimes walk to Madina Munawarrah in the morning, wearing just a loincloth (lungi) and a shawl. He would lead the people in Salaah and see to their matters. When he could not make it, Umar RA would lead the salaah.

When he became a Khalifah, a little girl said, “Now there will be none to milk our animals”, Abu Bakr RA replied

“ Why not! I swear, that I shall definitely still milk (the animals) for you. I hope that what I have entered into (rulership) will never change the personality I always had.(the person I have always been.)

There was an old blind lady who lived on the ourskirts of Madina. Umar RA intending to earn sawaab(rewards), used to go over to do her domestic chores, but when he arrived he always found it was already done. The old lady could not see so she herself did not know who was her mystery helper. Umar RA in his enthusiasm to do good, wanted to find out who was it that was always beating him. So he hid one morning and saw someone emerge from the house, when the person turned around, it was Abu Bakr Siddeeq RA. Umar RA declared, it could have been none other(than Abu Bakr RA who would surpass all in doing good.)

The morning after becoming a Khalif, Abu Bakr RA took his basket and was proceeding to the market place( business area), Umar RA stopped him and adviced that if he was to engage in trade, he would not be able to see to the needs of the Muslims adequately. Abu Bakr RA countered, how would he be able to see to the needs of his family?

Umar RA suggested that they go to Abu Ubaydah RA to get a fixed allowance and thus it was settled->

a)An allowance which is average, of medium amount.

b)2 sets of clothing. One for winter and one for summer.

c)The clothes will have to be returned  and worn out before taking another.

d)Half a goat daily without it’s head or innards.

Zaid bin Arqam RA narrates we were once with Abu Bakr RA when he asked for something to drink. When some water mixed with honey was brought, he cried and sobbed so much that we thought something was seriously wrong with him(something had happened.) The narration goes on to say that I feared that I may oppose the way of RasulAllah SAW and that the world would get hold of me.

SubhanAllah, he took drinking honey water as luxury! Where are we and where were they.

After the death of RasulAllah SAW, such issues befell the Ummah, that Aisha Siddiqah RA describes it as a mountain that would have crumbled. That was the weight of it on her father. Those who had recently accepted Islam now began leaving Islam in droves, thinking that with the death of Nabi SAW, Islam would also end. False prophets rose up and others refused to pay zakaah,a pillar of faith.

At this time, there was an army which was about to leave when Nabi SAW had passed away. With everything that was going on, it was felt that they rather first combat those who were near rather then send them to face the mighty Roman army.

There were also some that didn’t want to be in an army under Usamah Bin Zaid RA as a leader who was around 18 years old. When Abu Bakr RA heard of this, he became absolutely angry that people desired that he should stop an army that RasulAllah SAW had ordered out or that he should remove the one Nabi SAW appointed. He walked next to Usamah RA for a little while, advising him as the army departed, Usamah RA felt ashamed to ride while Abu Bakr RA walked, but Abu Bakr RA insisted he remain seated so that that he may walk a few steps in the path of Allah, as dust that touches the feet which walk in the path of Allah, will not be touched by the fire of Jahannum.

The situation was so critical that the Sahabah in Madina were like a one lamb against the thousands of wolves which rose up from all over Arabia and outside the borders, against them.

When the revolting tribes saw the size of Usama RA’s army and them returning victorious with much booty, many,many of them became submissive again realizing that Islam had not ended or waned and thus the Imaan of thousands was retained.  This was why Abu Hurayah RA said- “If it was not for Abu Bakr RA, none would be worshipping Allah.” For the true Muslims at that time were in mortal danger of being wiped out.

Aa’isha RA said “Abu Bakr passed away without leaving behind a dinar or dirham. Just before his demise, he took all his money and deposited it in the Baitul Maal. (public treasury.)

All 8 doors of Jannah will call the name of Abu Bakr…and the first to enter Jannah after the Ambiyaa AS,will be Abu Bakr.

Extracted from Hayaatus Sahaabah RA