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Setting a beautiful Example


A 3 year old little girl sits quietly on her musallah attentively watching her mother reading salaah. She giggles in delight as her mother raises her hands up to make dua, her own little hands raised in her innocent voice she whispers ‘ameen’. The same little girl grows up to be a muslimah who has the love of Allah and salaah embedded in her heart.

An energetic 5 year old boy is busy playing in the garden when he hears his father shouting,he hurries into the house. He watches his father curse, scream and physically abuse his mother. His mother’s tears pierce at his little heart so he runs outside to escape. The same boy is now a teenager addicted to drugs as he is still trying to escape the scars in his heart and mind left by his father’s abusive nature.

A beautiful young lady watches her mother as she complains to her friends about how unfortunate she was to have married a ‘working class’man and how he could never afford to give her the luxurious lifestyle she deserves. The same young lady grows up and accepts the wealthiest proposal for marriage only to be divorced 3 months later as he could never satisfy her insatiable greed.

A diligent student fearfully brings home his report card as this year he scored his first B in maths. He trembles as he hands it over to his dictator of a father. Disappointment and anger engulfs his father and he lashes it out on his son spitting venomous insults and curses. The next morning the same father finds his sons lifeless body hanging from the ceiling with a rope around his neck and a note saying ‘I am sorry daddy’.

It’s sad that the generation before still wonder what went wrong with today’s youth.

Your childs mind absorbs your actions and words like a thirsty sponge.They will emulate your every action and reaction so be mindful of your actions and words as you are moulding the mind, heart and soul of a future generation.

You have been entrusted by Allah with a beautiful treasure, an amaanah in the form of your child and you will be answerable about their upbringing on your return to Allah.

Your children are the colourful flowers in the garden of your life, so nurture and preserve their goodness and you shall reap sweet rewards in this world and the hereafter.

By Naadirah Chippa


The first thing parents (especially mothers) should be teaching their children is “Tawheed”.

These days people focus on teaching their children ABCs, 123, animal names, nursery rhymes etc, but they fail to teach them that which will save them from Hell fire – Tawheed.

Ummu Sulaim (radiallaahu ‘anha) would teach her son Anas (radiyallaahu ‘anhu), saying:
“Say: ‘Laa illaaha il Allaah (none has the right to be worshipped in truth except Allaah).’
Say: ‘Ash-hadu anna Muhammadar Rasulullaah (I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah).'” This was BEFORE the age of weaning
– Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa’ (2/305)

So you should be teaching Tawheed even before the age of two.

Some tips on how you can teach Tawheed to your babies include:

1. Repeat to them the Kalimah “Laa’ilaaha illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah” right from the day they are born all the time until they can pronounce it (doesn’t matter if they dont pronounce it correctly as toddlers have limited speech skills)

2. Teach them *Tawheed ar Ruboobiyyah* – teach them that Allah is our Creator, the Only One. Tell them Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala created everything. Ask them who created you? Your mum , dad? siblings? Teach them that Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala created everything.

When they look at the Sun or stars tell them it is Allah who created everything.
Make them focus on big & small creations. Even the ant, tell them Allah created it. This makes them realise that *everything*is created by Allah.

3. Teach them “Tawheed al Uloohiyyah” – teach kids that we worship only Allah Subhaana wa Ta’aala , we only ask Him for help. When you pray Salaah & children imitate you, teach them you are praying only to Allah. When your child needs something for example, if a toddler is crying for a new toy; teach them to make dua & ask Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala even for the smallest things. If they want a lolly even for that teach them to ask Allah.

4. Teach your child *Tawakkuul* that is , to rely upon Allah for everything – when your child is scared or worried, teach them tawakkuul and dont tell them “I’m here or your dad is here, don’t worry’ , rather teach them “Allah is with you”. He is the Best Protector. He will look after you.

This will teach your child to rely upon Allah rather than you or any other human being. Even if you die or you are sick & your child feels lonely, they will learn to rely on Allah and trust Him. When your child is worried, tell them Allah will make things better. When your child is sick, teach them to turn to Allah to make dua to Him & ask Him for shifa.

5. Teach them “Tawheed al-Asma was Sifaat”- teach your children the Names & Attributes of Allah Subhaana wa Ta’aala from an early age.
Ask them where is Allah? Tell them Allah is above all the Heavens. When a child is naughty , tell them Allah is Watching them that He sees all. If they throw a tantrum or become angry tell them that Allah Hears them. If your child is being impatient tell them Allah Loves those who are patient. When you take your child to the beach or when they see rainbow tell them Allaah is the Creator , He designed everything.

Remember the happiest people are the people of Tawheed, so if you want your child to be content & happy both in dunya and aakhira, teach them Tawheed.


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