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Short Lectures by Shaykh Moulana Dawood Seedat


English Lectures, Zikr Majlis, and  Du’a by Moulana Dawood Seedat, from Musjid-ut-Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg. KZN. South Africa.

Don’t Walk With Pride                  

3 Haram Tours

Abusing The Wife

Kheer Customs


We Have No Sabr


Rajab Innovation 1

Rajab Innovation 2

Rajab Innovation 3


Rajab Innovations

Aashura Innovations

Be Content with
Your Business

Make Du’a for Me

Not only Drugs

are Haraam

Hygiene is important

Feelings of the Heart

Good Akhlaaq

We spend money

on Stupid Things


Buy a Healthy
Animal for Qurbani

Practice Deen out
of Love for Allah

Photography and Video

Allah (SWT)
is independent


A believer is

not a Pushover

Steer Clear from Sin

Pay your
Employees well

Be more generous to your family on Aashura

There is no Unisex Dressing in Islaam

Mureed disclosing his Sheikhs private Mashwera

Don’t Undermine

People’s trust

Gladly exchanging or refunding returned goods

If our connection with Allah is strong, nothing will worry us

90 percent of the Ummah is drowning in ignorance

Fitna at the
Souks and Fairs

Is your Salaah in order

The Fazilat of Isha
and Fajr Salaah

Virtues of calling the Azaan and reading Salaah in the first Saff

Family get togethers

Detachment from the Dunya

Panchat Club
after Isha

Valentine’s Day has nothing

 to do with Islam

Love your spouse for who thay are. Not what they have

What is Taqwa

When to say “Insha-Allah” and when to say “Aameen”

Ensure that your relationship 

with every family member is good 

or you may live or die with regret


Muslim Ship Cruise

There’s nothing Islamic about the Ship Cruise


and Grooms

When a Child

is Born

Haraam interest in

the Business

WARNING: Change your Lives,

before Allah’s Azaab befalls you


Protect your goods with Ayatul Kursi

The Harms of Zina

There’s no benefit from Marching and Protesting

Forgive and Forget Keep a clean Heart

Mutakifeen Schedule & Rules at Musjid ut Taqwa

How can one ball can have

control over so many people ?

Lessons from Palestine

Do not drift away from

Deen after Ramadaan

Du’a at the Roza Mubarak

(An incident)

Du’a at the Roza Mubarak

(Another incident)

Ways of the Kuffaar

Boycotting &

Protest March

An incident with the Quraish and  The mockery of ourDeen in Walimas


Wrong Direction

Do not speak Lies

Keep to our word

Save yourself from the fire. Bring Imaan & Yaqeen

Non-Mahram females

on Radio Stations

Caution !  Verify the credentials

of guests from other countries masquerading as scholars

5 Awful deeds that will cause destruction to the Ummah

A “Real Man” reads Salaah in the Musjid

invocations recommended for

the 15th night of Sha’baan

Don’t get carried away with ISIS

We are playing games in the world

Hayaa & Modesty

Hayaa in Speech

Hayaa for our

Allah SWT

Virtues of Forgiving 1

It’s the Season of Insanity

It’s the Season of Insanity (FULL)

We were convinced about Dunyawi Achievements

Imaan upon Al Ghaib


True Companions

Sign of a Believer


Life is Short

Mubarak time in Ramadaan

Keeping a beard and wearing 

your pants above the ankle

Today’s Fashion

and Pardah

Immodesty on

the Internet

Immodesty in TV

Virtues of Forgiving 2

Places of ‘Azaab

Ghaflat – Unmindful

Ghaflat – Unmindful 


Beneficial Wazifas

Pay your Debts

Before Death

Importance of Ramadaan

Indulging in sin

without knowing it

Gham Firak-e-Madinah

(Naath with explanation)

Virtues of Safa & Marwa and the emergence of the creature


The Qibla of the heart



Imaan Bil Ghaib


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