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She always wanted a baby brother as she was the only child for six years and then her duas came true when her mummy brought home her bouncy baby brother.She loved him so much and always protected him every step of the way.In his happiness she found happiness and his laughter was her favourite sound.They shared a beautiful bond.At her nikkah she she hugged him the longest.Her husband never truly understood this bond and often ridiculed her for having an attachment to her brother.He felt jealous and threatened by their relationship.He tried to distance her from her family and when that did not work he set out to ruin her brother’s reputation by accusing him of taking drugs.The day her brother came to her house to clarify his innocence although she knew he was innocent was the last time she saw him as anger engulfed her husband he pulled out his gun and shot his brother in law in the head.She lost her heart that day as her little brother passed away in her lap.

The house resonated with laughter as the family sat around the dinner table.Three brothers,two sisters,their spouses and their children,although a big family they were always united especially at their parents home.They all visited their aged parents every weekend and would spend hours chatting, eating and having fun together.Truly the love and bond could be felt just by being in their company.After the passing away of their parents the roots that held this family together began to erupt.Their father did have a shariah compliant will yet his children started to fight and demand their share according to what they did for their parents which resulted in the breakdown of this beautiful family and ended up in them filing court orders against their own siblings and never speaking or interacting with each other again.

They were best friends first and then sisters.They grew up playing and sharing their toys as their age gap was just a year apart.Their love for each other grew everyday and everybody at school admired their bond until one day a popular boy asked the younger sister out on a date.The elder sister never approved of him as he was rumoured to be taking drugs and termed a player.She warned her sister many times about him yet her sister was smitten and decided to go out on dates with him despite her sisters many warnings.This destroyed their relationship as the little sister did not take heed to her sisters advice and believed she was being mean, boring and jealous.They were not on speaking terms when she opened their bedroom door to find her little sisters lifeless body hanging from a rope.The note she left read,I love you and I should have listened to you…he raped me and now I could never face you again..I’m sorry.

A small family of four lived in a neat cottage in the suburbs.They had a picture perfect family.The eldest being a boy always looked out for his sister and his sister always had the sweetest words to say to her hero,her elder brother.As the years flew by they were both married and although distance separated them they still made time to meet as they wanted their children to share the same bond they do.This relationship haunted his wife and she began to hate her sister in law often finding faults in everything she said or did.This evil intent became so malicious that she stopped all contact between her children and her husband’s family as she felt insecure.The relationship between the siblings never severed nor strained as they battled to win her heart but alas she never did respect the beautiful bonds of family which resulted in her separation from her husband.

Siblings are our first friends,our heroes and our confidantes.We never do choose our family but Allah chose them for us.We never truly appreciate them as they were always there motivating,encouraging loving and sometimes hating us but never leaving our hearts and minds.Siblings are the branches of a tree called family and although we may be branched out in different directions we still attached to each other and that is the true beauty of family.
We often take them for granted as we grow older and we have nuclear families of our own yet they will forever be apart of the best memories we have.Siblings are a precious gift from Allah as they have known and seen you at your best and at your worst yet still and will always love you.Treasure your brother’s and sisters for life is short and you will only truly know their value once you have lost them…forever.Don’t take the time you have with them for granted,make that call ask for forgiveness even if you may be right,say I love you and I miss you.

May Allah shower his mercy and blessings on our siblings and may he unite those who have been separated and give US the ability to value all of our beautifully blessed relationships.

Remember your parents duas are with all their children and for all their children to always be united and happy.

By N Chhipa

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