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Smoking weed – Does legal mean Halaal?


  1. My husband often smokes weed (cannabis). He says that many of his cousins and friends also smoke it and it has become ‘a norm’ in many circles. Nobody bothers about it much. It has also been legalised in this country so there is no problem with it. I do not know how to advise him.
  2. Muslims adhere to a code of life called Islam. Islam is a complete way of life and is the only Deen that has Divine approval. Any other way of life is rejected in the court of Allah Ta‘ala. Therefore, all a Mu-min’s (Believer’s) morals, ethics and values are shaped by what has come to him from Allah Ta‘ala and Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). The norms of people and the legalising of governments does not change his beliefs and values.

Haraam although ‘legal’

Consumption of pork has always been legal in terms of South African law. It is the norm in many circles. Would that make the haraam pork permissible to consume? The extremely grave sin of consuming interest has been described in the Quraan Majeed and the noble ahaadeeth in such strong words that make interest a greater vice and more disgusting than consuming pork. Not only consuming interest, even paying interest is equally condemned. Despite the severity of the sin, it is totally legal in almost every country of the world. It is tragically a norm even among many Muslims as well. Will this make the abomination of interest permissible?

The same goes for gambling, fornication, drinking, free intermingling between the genders, using vulgar language, etc. In many circles these “legal” vices are common and many people don’t care anything about them. Will that make it permissible? Never, never… and never a million times. No changing norms of society, nor any government legislation, nor anyone or anything can change the law of Allah Ta‘ala. Whatever Allah Ta‘ala has given us in the Quraan Majeed and through His last and final Messenger, Sayyiduna Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) in the form of the sunnah, is the law. The supremacy of the law of Allah Ta‘ala will remain unchanged till the Day of Qiyaamah.

Smoking ‘weed’ is haraam. It is an intoxicant – and all intoxicants are forbidden. It is reported in a hadeeth that if one consumes any intoxicant, he is deprived of the rewards and the noor of his ‘ibaadah’ for forty days! While the greatest concern for a Muslim is to refrain from anything that will displease Allah Ta‘ala, intoxicants destroy a person’s Dunya as well. How many marriages have been wrecked, how many families ruined, how many people’s respect was rubbed in the mud, how many businesses were destroyed, how many people sold their honour, how many committed murder – some even of their own parents, how many… and how many, many more heart-breaking episodes have taken place – all due to drug addiction! May Allah Ta‘ala protect us all, and help us all to give up all vices and sins!

Seek Help

Your husband should seek help from an experienced ‘Aalim. There are many Muslim organizations also that offer counselling to those who are caught up in the web of drugs. He should sincerely seek their assistance. Make Dua for him. Also daily have ta’leem at home with one’s family. Insha-Allah this will become a means of hidaayat for him.

Nevertheless, your husband should not lose hope. If he takes heed, stops taking weed, and becomes a true Muslim indeed, insha-Allah he will succeed.


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