Azhar Vadi | Cii News, Pic: File (Supplied)| 17 Rajab 1436/05 May 2015

The Al-Rahma hospital, funded by the South African NGO Gift of the Givers, nestled inside Syria just a few kilometres from the Turkish border in the town of Darkoush, has survived another attempt to destroy it.

On Monday afternoon, a fighter jet soared across the picturesque village, the Orentes River flowing steadily below. People have been tense recently and were almost expecting its arrival.

Following the regime’s recent losses in Idlib city and Jisr al Shaghour to opposition forces, the surrounding hamlets and countryside have been bombarded as an act of reprisal and revenge. Dozens of people, many of them women and children, have been killed.

The Ar Rahma hospital has been flooded with casualties from these attacks. Its corridors and rooms filled with people and blood. Most, if not all the hospitals in Idlib city have already been destroyed.

The Darkoush hospital has thus has lived up to its name for the suffering people of Syria: Al-Rahma – The Mercy.

The several attempts to destroy have thus have been fruitless. Its location within a narrow ravine overseen by mountains makes shelling town difficult. Explosives have smashed into the rock sides in the past without causing much damage. A car bomb in October 2013 was much more deadly leaving 20
This time it was a fighter jet. The missile landed in close proximity to the hospital again hitting the mountain side but much more accurately. The windows were left shattered and slight damage to the structure was reported.people dead according to international media but not affecting the hospital.

The strikes are getting closer and closer. If perchance a missile hits the hospital it could result in one of the largest number of people being killed in the four year on going war.

Ten thousand patients file through its doors on a monthly basis and at any given moment there are between 200 and 400 people in it including some of the very few remaining skilled medical staff in the country.

The hospital’s destruction will serve no other purpose but to destroy the last vestiges of mercy in a land that is sorely in need of it.