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Soweto’s hosting of mini-Ijtima a milestone


Ebrahim Moosa – Cii News | 12 February 2014/11 Rabi ul Akhir 1435

For the first time ever in the history of South Africa, Soweto will be hosting an important gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat movement.

The mini Ijtima or Jhor is set to take place on the 22-23 February at the Emdeni Secondary school in the township.

“It is a very crucial event,” Dawood Mndebele, member of the Soweto Shura told Cii Radio on Monday. “The case we put forward when we spoke to the Markaz is that the perception that continues to thrive in black areas for an number of years is that Islam is an Indian religion. I suffer that all the time with people asking why I have left the religion of my parents for a foreign creed-so once people see Islam visible in the township and start to see the different colours, nothing else, just the clearing of perceptions, people will say ‘Wow, Islam is a community of note.”

The flagship event is targeted mainly for Muslims in the Gauteng province, since a bid to host a National or Provincial Ijtima has not succeeded yet. However, says Soweto’s Moulana Abbas Mkhize, a smaller Ijtima was granted to “test the waters” in the township.

The inception of the event has already got Muslims in Soweto excited. According to Mndebele, even people who were not the most active adherents of the movement have now become highly active in promoting the event. “It has enlivened not just Soweto, but even surrounding townships”.

The organisers have requested the duas of the Ummah for the success of the Ijtima, highlighting that their intention is for other rural areas and townships to get used to the idea of mobilising on different fronts.

The Emdeni Secondary School is situated at 1817 Zamukulungisa street in Emdeni, Soweto.

Directions from Lenasia: Take N12 west towards Potchefstroom direction. Pass two Sasol garages and turn right at robot. Pass three sets of robots and turn right at fourth robot: Emdeni link Road. The first school on the left is Emdeni Secondary.

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