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With the grace of Almighty Allah, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Syrian Relief team has been based in Hatay and Antakya since the weekend and is conducting relief work in conjunction with our Turkish partner relief body, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.


Alhamdulillah, the team has distributed relief to two separate orphanages, one of which is an orphanage for children with special needs.


The team also visited a hospital run by the IHH as well as the site of the new IHH village, for which the foundation was laid this week. The IHH village is situated adjacent to the Syrian border.


The Turkish Vice President of the IHH has been accompanying our relief team and we express our sincere appreciation to the IHH for their support and assistance in our relief effort.


The situation in these areas is very sad with the Syrian tragedy now in its 5th year. Two million Syrian refugees are currently residing in Turkey.


We ask Allah Ta’ala to ease the difficulties of the refugees and may they remain steadfast on Deen. We ask Allah Ta’ala to accept the efforts of the Jamiat KZN Relief Team and the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, and may He grant the full reward to all those whose contributed towards this effort, Ameen.

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