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A few rulings pertaining to pregnancy

Question: I am expecting and would like to clarify a few things : 1) Are you allowed to buy your baby clothes before they are born? 2) Can you find out the gender of your baby? 3) Do you have to have natural birth or can you opt to have …

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Nikah terminates upon either spouse renouncing Islam

Question:  A couple was married for 3 years. The female was born Muslim & the male was a revert. They are separated for over 1 year & the male has gone back to Christianity. What does the girl do in this case as there is one child out of this …

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Adoption in Islam

Question:  In the secular legal system, adoption of a child by couples is lawful as we all know. Please elucidate the position of Shariah in this regard. How far such an adoption is permissible in Islam, and if so, what are the rights and obligations of the parties involved in …

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Purchasing clothing for children before birth

Question:   Please can you advise if it is permissible to purchase clothing, etc for a child before the birth?   Answer:   It is permissible. We advise that if clothing is going to be purchased before the birth of the child, unisex clothing should be purchased as the gender …

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