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Can In vitro Fertilization be practised to conceive?

Question: My husband and I have been trying for a long time to have another child. I am trying to undergo treatment in order to regain my fertility. If this fails, the next step, if we wish to take it, is In vitro fertilization (IVF) i.e. fertilization will take place …

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Bone Marrow Donation

Question:  Is it possible to become a Bone Marrow donor for people who have cancer?  Answer:  Having researched the matter, we have learned that there are alternatives to bone marrow donation from donors. There are new medical techniques available that use either the very same patient’s marrow or his blood …

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Can I give interest monies to my needy sister?

Question:  Asalaamualaikum  Can I give away my interest money to my sister who is down and out?  She does not have any source of income what so ever?  Jazakallah  Answer:  If she is poor and needy, she may be given interest monies. The donor should not expect any reward (Ajar/Thawaab) …

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