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Should a woman take a Ghusl after visiting the gynecologist?

Question:  Should a woman make Ghusal after a checkup at the gynecologist?  Answer:  Ghusl will not be necessary if an internal is done. However, the Wudhu will become invalid by this procedure. Similarly, the fast will become invalid if the woman is fasting. If she had underwent an external checkup, …

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Who is a Shaheed (martyr) and how is he buried?

Question:  Kindly explain to me who is a Shaheed (martyr) and what are the rulings pertaining to a Shaheed in relation to the Ghusl, Janazah and burial  Answer:  The term Shaheed generally refers to a person martyred in the path of Allah on the battlefield. The term Shaheed may also …

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Do I have to take a Bath (Ghusl) if a dog touches me?

Question: A Family member asked me if her dog’s saliva got onto her clothes and Hands. Does she have to make ghusl?   I said yes. Apparently, she checked many sites and read that she doesnt have to take a bath she must just wash out the saliva. I said to …

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I use a patch for contraception. Is my Ghusl valid?

Question: As a form of contraception I am on a “patch”, which is changed every week and the fourth week is a “no patch week”, I would like to know is my Ghusl accepted when I do make it over the patch?   Answer: Since contraception is not a necessity, …

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