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 Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier You!

By Umm Ayman eislam.co.za Complete health should be a balanced and holistic endeavour. Below are just a few concise steps toward achieving full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and even financial well-being and contentment, Inshaa-Allah.   ALWAYS SAY BISMILLAH (I BEGIN IN THE NAME OF ALLAH) The Messenger of Allah …

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Islam

Question:  Is plastic surgery haram?  Answer:  NB. By cosmetic surgery being mentioned, both cosmetic and plastic surgery is intended in this Fatwa. The Fuqahaa’ (Jurists) have categorized cosmetic surgery into two types: a) Cosmetic surgery that is permissible b) Cosmetic surgery that is not permissible Cosmetic surgery that is permissible …

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Contraception in Islam

Question:  Kindly advise me on the ruling of contraception in Islam:   Answer:  CONTRACEPTION:  Contraception (Azl) is permissible on a limited scale for valid reasons -reasons considered by the Shariáh to be valid. The circumstances which will permit reversible and permanent contraception differ.   REVERSIBLE CONTRACEPTION  Among the reasons accepted …

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