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15 Things Happen When You Give Up Control

 BY LAURA DOYLE http://lauradoyle.org/blog/give-up-control/ The World-Famous System for Relinquishing Control has Unexpected Side Effects What happens when 18 women tell the up-close and personal story of how their marriages were struggling in some way, and describe exactly how they stopped controlling to restore the passion and playfulness? First, you get …

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Is it permissible for a female to shape her eyebrows?

Question:  Is a female allowed to shape her eyebrows to beautify herself for her husband?  Answer:  No. It is not permissible.  It is narrated on the authority of Ibn Mas’ood (Radiallahu Anhu) that he said, May Allah curse those who tattoo, have (their bodies) tattooed, those who have their eyebrows …

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Contraception in Islam

Question:  Kindly advise me on the ruling of contraception in Islam:   Answer:  CONTRACEPTION:  Contraception (Azl) is permissible on a limited scale for valid reasons -reasons considered by the Shariáh to be valid. The circumstances which will permit reversible and permanent contraception differ.   REVERSIBLE CONTRACEPTION  Among the reasons accepted …

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How do I pray Salaah at home with my wife following me?

Question:   Please advise the procedure of how Salaah should be performed if the husband and wife perform Salaah at home.   Answer:   The wife should stand directly behind the husband and the husband should lead the Salaah by making the intention that he is leading a female in …

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