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15 Things Happen When You Give Up Control

 BY LAURA DOYLE http://lauradoyle.org/blog/give-up-control/ The World-Famous System for Relinquishing Control has Unexpected Side Effects What happens when 18 women tell the up-close and personal story of how their marriages were struggling in some way, and describe exactly how they stopped controlling to restore the passion and playfulness? First, you get …

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Contraception in Islam

Question:  Kindly advise me on the ruling of contraception in Islam:   Answer:  CONTRACEPTION:  Contraception (Azl) is permissible on a limited scale for valid reasons -reasons considered by the Shariáh to be valid. The circumstances which will permit reversible and permanent contraception differ.   REVERSIBLE CONTRACEPTION  Among the reasons accepted …

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How do I pray Salaah at home with my wife following me?

Question:   Please advise the procedure of how Salaah should be performed if the husband and wife perform Salaah at home.   Answer:   The wife should stand directly behind the husband and the husband should lead the Salaah by making the intention that he is leading a female in …

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