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The Best Day Of My Life

Today is the best day of my life.
Yesterday still lingers in my mind. It doesn’t want to let go of me. Or maybe it’s the other way around, I’m not sure.
It’s asking me to dwell a little more on everything that happened.
Yesterday is selfish.
It doesn’t tell me that it’s going to steal as much of today as it can. It doesn’t tell me that even if I wanted to, I can’t re-live a day that’s passed or make a commitment to appreciate it more, because it’s gone.
Yesterday reminds me of every time I’ve had the core of my very being crushed. It summons my failures and presents them to me with painstakingly accurate detail. It points out that I must use today to question those moments. To ask myself why I didn’t make different choices. Why I didn’t know better.
Yesterday sits me down and wants to have a discussion about what could have been. It wants to talk about how differently everything could have turned out. Yesterday is bored and sad. It’s feeling rejected because everyone crossed it off the calendar and left it behind. Yesterday wants me to keep it company.
Yesterday’s invitation seems tantalising, but agonising over unspoken words and actions won’t dull the hurt of the past or the pain of regret. Crying over missed opportunities won’t bring me fulfilment. Wishing I had made different choices will only deepen the chasm of discontentment that comes from spending too much time with Yesterday. Yesterday won’t bring me happiness or silence the yearning of my soul.
Yesterday can change me but I can’t alter yesterday.
Which is why I know for certain that the best day of my life must be today, not yesterday.
As I’m writing this, Tomorrow is trying to convince me that there isn’t any time to be happy and have the best day of my life today. It’s telling me to worry about what may or may not happen in the future.
Tomorrow is reminding me that there’s going to be a thousand different decisions that I’m going to have to make and some will be good and others, not so much. It wants me to make safe decisions only. Decisions guaranteed to bring me the outcomes that I want. And for that I need to use Today’s time.
Tomorrow wants me to part with today.
I knew someone who led a life that didn’t leave him with much time to consider all his decisions and choices.
Tomorrow told him he’ll have time soon.
He believed he would get a chance to make things right. He had a list of things he was going to do. He made a plan to appreciate the people who loved him, to use kinder words, to be more forgiving. He was going to get serious about his health. He was going to make time to watch the waves. He was going to stop comparing his life with others and start being happy. It seemed like a great plan.
Only one night, he went to bed and tomorrow didn’t come.
We all have a yesterday that’s trying to steal a part of our today. If Yesterday doesn’t succeed, Tomorrow will try.
I don’t know how many tomorrows I have left. Maybe a few, maybe more. That’s what tomorrow is anyway; a maybe. Eventually I’ll run out.
Tomorrows aren’t guaranteed.
Tomorrow wants me to give it a part of today and it will (supposedly) repay me one day. But tomorrow is a liar. Maybe it will come, maybe it won’t.
I can decide what to do with Today. I can alter it so that it isn’t exactly like yesterday if I don’t want it to be. I can use Today to consciously influence Tomorrow (if it comes).
I’m not the wealthiest person around (financially) nor am I the most famous or the most anything actually. I’m not on any Top 10 list and I don’t need to be.
I have Today. Today is in my hands. I’m living it.
Today is the best day of my life.

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