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The Sterling Advice Of Hazrat Umar (R.A)

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Hadhrat Sa’eed bin Musayyib (R.A) reports that there were guidelines that Hadhrat Umar (R.A) formulated for the people, every one which are replete with wisdom. He (R.A.) said:

  • Always assume the best about your brother unless you learn something about him that you absolutely cannot reconcile.
  • Never assume the worst about any statement that a Muslim makes as long as you are able to make a favorable interpretation.
  • The person who exposes himself to slander must never rebuke anyone who holds a bad opinion of him.
  • Ensure that you keep true friends to stay under their wings because they are a source of beauty during times of prosperity and a means of protection during times of hardship.
  • Always speak the truth even if it may lead to your death.
  • Never delve into matters that don’t concern you.
  • Do not ask about matters that have not occurred because that which has already occurred is enough to preoccupy you from that which has not.
  • Never seek your needs from one who doesn’t want to seek your success.
  • Never treat false oaths lightly because Allah Ta’aala will then destroy you.
  • Never keep company of the sinners to from their sinful ways.
  • Keep away from your enemy.
  • Beware even of your friends, except for the trustworthy one and none can be trustworthy unless he fears Allah Ta’aala .
  • Be humble when in the graveyard.
  • Submit to Allah Ta’aala’s obedience.
  • Seek Allah Ta’aal’s protection at the time of disobeying his commands.
  • Always consult with those who fear Allah Ta’aala. They are bound to be of great benefit to you as opposed to those who do not fear him.


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