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There Goes The Phone Again!

There he stands with his fancy cellular,
waiting for a call from no-one in particular!
When the call does eventually come,
his cheeks glow like a ripe plum!

Like a fashion model he strikes a pose,
as though amongst all the thorns he is the rose!
He raises his voice deliberately,
so the centre of attraction he may be!

Before being accused of narrow-mindedness let me explain,
why we look at the “cell”, a necessity, with disdain
The above scene took place at a burial,
suggesting the matter on hand as trivial!

A great need it is, we do concede,
but not in the Masjid where it is Salaah we have to read!
A useful instrument it is, we maintain,
except when the imam reads the Khutbatain!

We can go on listing its misuse,
but that isn’t the object as a necessity it is indeed!
All we ask is to put it on “snooze”
during sensitive moments and when there is no need!

Thank Allah for your cellular phone
for it is a bounty from Him Alone.
Use this gift in the proper way,
and may He make it easy for your account to pay.


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