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These are the qualities that elevated me

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From Where to Where

A person who was taken aback by the honour given to Luqman (alaihis salaam) once approached him and asked: “Are you the very same Luqman who was a slave of the Banu Has-haas tribe?” Luqman (alaihis salaam) replied: “Yes!”
The man then asked: “Are you the very same person who used to herd sheep?” Luqman (alalais salaam) replied: “Yes!”
The person asked yet again: “Are you the very same person with a dark complexion?” Luqman (alaihis salaam) replied: “My dark complexion is quite visible and clear to one and all, but what is it that really astonishes you regarding me?”
The man replied: “I am astonished that people flock to your gathering and eagerly accept your advice.” Luqman (alaihis salaam) then advised him saying: “Young man! You can also receive this very same rank and honour provided you adhere to the following aspects:

1. Lower your gaze

2. Control your tongue

3. Eat that which is pure and halaal

4. Guard your private parts

5. Adhere to the truth

6. Fulfill your trusts

7. Honour your guests

8. Take care of your neighbours

9. Stay away from what does not concern you

These are the qualities that elevated me to the position that you see me enjoying.” (Tafseer Ibnu Katheer vol 3 pg 459)

Lesson: The above incident highlights the fact that one does not become honourable and respectable on the basis of his lineage or skin colour. Instead it is the qualities in a person that elevate him.

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