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Tips for A Successful Marriage

.•*””*•..•*””*•. Tips for a successful marriage .•*””*•..•*””*•Men are often stubborn and have a hard time forgiving…BE PATIENT WITH THEM. 

If Allah swt puts it in their hearts, they’ll eventually come around. And if they don’t…JUST PRAY FOR THEM. They’re still our brothers in Islam.


Women too can be very stubborn and inconsiderate…but remember, our shortcomings sometimes stem from underlying under issues that may still have remnants or shards of glass that may remain. BE PATIENT WITH THEM….


Husbands can sometimes be unreasonable, self-centered, and immature; FORGIVE THEM ANYWAY.


Wives are sometimes melodramatic, impulsive, and unforgiving; LOVE THEM ANYWAY.


If you come home late from work trying to work longer hours to provide for your family, your spouse may accuse you of cheating; COME HOME ANYWAY.


After prepping for dinner for over an hour, your husband may come home tired, and ready to go straight to bed; COOK ANYWAY.


The long kiss you gave your husband after having him clean one dish may be forgotten once he sees your bringing more dishes for him to clean; KISS HIM ANYWAY.


Dressing up, smelling good, and looking lovely especially for your husband after dinner may only result in him wanting to go over to Mustafa’s house to watch the football game; DRESS FOR HIM ANYWAY.


You decide you’re going to buy flowers for your wife before going home, all to have her call you on the phone yelling and screaming at you for no apparent reason; BUY HER FLOWERS ANYWAY.


If you are kind, your wife may accuse you of only wanting sex; BE KIND ANYWAY.


What you’ve spent years of establishing a foundation, and building within your marriage, someone could destroy overnight; BUILD ANYWAY.


If you’ve been married for years and still show the world how happy you are in your marriage, some may become jealous. BE HAPPY ANYWAY.


.•*””*•..•*””*•..•*””*•.:..:..:..:..•*””*•. .•*””*•..•*””*•.


You see, on the day of judgement, we answer only to ALLAH for our own actions. No one else’s but our own. So even if all the good you do for your spouse goes unnoticed, rest assured that Allah sees your efforts and knows your heart. So, for the sake of Allah, DO GOOD ANYWAY!!


8 tips that weakens the marriage
1) Misbehaving – saying bad or hateful things, making bad jokes and insulting each other.2) Ignore – not replying back to the “salams” or giving each other the good ear to listen and share.

3) Lying – Allah forbids the believers to lie. There is no room in Islam for liars, and may Allah save us from this evil, ameen.4) Breaking Promises – Keeping a trust is also an important characteristic of a believer.5) Avoiding Contact – You hug the brothers at the mosque, but what about a “little hug” with your wife? Come on, you can do it.

6) Suspicion & Backbiting – Allah says, “O believers, avoid much suspicion. Certainly suspicion is sinful. And don’t spy or back bite each other. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother. You would hate it. Fear Allah’s punishment. For sure Allah is the Accept or of repentance, The Merciful.” [Quran 49: 12]

7) Too Busy – Take time for each other. You have rights on each other. Give everyone their rights and you will be given your rights.

8) Leaving the worship – Allah will never be pleased with someone who leaves His guidance and does not worship Him. This will cause Muslim families serious problems and even to split up, faster than anything.


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