Bint Ahmad Sulaymaan – Opinion | 15 September 2014/20 Dhul Qa’dah 1435

In my years as a reader and short time writing I’ve noticed that people will shoot someone down and find fault with the way they’ve said something rather than read the message. Things may be easier to swallow when it’s dressed prettily or presented agreeably, but the truth of Allah’s Deen should be accepted regardless.

The truth hurts but it has a temporary sting. Yet it’s easier to accept swimming in ignorance and drowning in falsehood, despite its painful end. Anyone who points out our collective flaws suffers immediate castigation. They are scolded for being “judgemental” or committing “Gheebah”. These are customary weapons of choice for those who can’t bear the truth, don’t like truth and want to change truth (Haqq – the truth of Allah’s Deen).

Highlighting our flagrant disregard for Shariah and encouraging the abandonment of Haraam is not passing judgement. A judgement is labelling someone ‘x’ or ‘y’ based on their unlawful actions.

We are so content with a little bit of Deen that we cast slurs at someone carrying out Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar – commanding virtue and prohibiting vice. No longer do nameless fingers pull the trigger and pass senseless conclusions.

We’ve become smug in our open acceptance of immorality to the extent that speaking out against it is met with ridiculous sentiments of “you’re too harsh”, “she’s self righteous” and wait for it, “they’re just asserting a superior sense of being Muslim“. We remain mute, in the depths of sleep, to each other’s rampant indulgence in sin and the insolent yet confident propagation of falsehood (Baatil).

When you encourage Hijab and point out the extent to which we disregard it then you’re focusing on women’s dress too much. That’s the degree of our respect for it. If you encourage staying away from useless pass times, such as watching the World Cup, you’re dogmatic and irrational. That’s our understanding of spending our time wisely in the worship of Allah.

When you encourage reformation as the better answer to help ease the suffering of Muslims, then you’re judgemental. That is the height of our knowledge of Deen. If you warn against that which is Haraam and doubtful being accepted under the banner “Halaal Friendly”, then you are admonished for your “tone”, whereas the act of accepting Haraam should be despised. That’s the level of our love and respect for the decree of Allah SWT.

Do we dislike the Deen so much that we attack those who speak up for it. Does the Deen of Allah SWT mean so little to us that we can’t handle the truth. Have we become deaf to the encouragement of living by the Quraan and Sunnah that we judge those who speak for it, labelling them “sanctimonious”?

Our leader is the greatest man to ever live, a Mercy sent down by Allah SWT to Mankind. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded us, “Do not allow the fear of people to prevent you from proclaiming the Haqq.”

And even though Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) directed this first to the Ulama because they are the Guardians of Shariah, Muslims are supposed to enjoin good and speak out, nay shout out, against evil. Except we do the opposite. Such wisdom did Rasulullah (salllallahu alayhi wasallam) have, that he knew speaking for the truth would be received with disapproval.

And it is. You will lose your friends and even some family. It may be a small price to pay because the value of fighting to preserve the truth of Allah’s Deen cannot be measured.

Very cunning are the propagators of falsehood they have devised methods to separate us further by attacking institutions of learning. Such that anyone who reads a few books on Deen is instantly as learned as veteran scholars and “definitely” knows much more than those who have spent years studying in Pakistan or India.

The fight between Haqq and Baatil is not imaginary or made up. So real is it that we were taught by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to pray to be able to differentiate between truth and falsehood.

This dua reads, “Oh Allah, enable us to see the Truth as Truth and give us the ability to follow it. And show us the falsehood as false and give us the ability to refrain from it.” We ask Allah SWT to make evident to us Haqq from Baatil, and to grant us the ability to follow what is Haqq and to stay away and refrain from whatever is Baatil.

In our time, when falsehood is no longer regarded as such and Truth is ignored, we’ve been taught to appreciate this dua. In the age of easy access to information and an abundance of forums to broadcast our opinions, anyone and everyone can research Islam, and derive conclusions which are in direct conflict with what Islam truly is. Even worse, Muslims who are driven by their nafs (desires) and those who seek the limelight, promote making Halaal the Haraam. In the process fuelling the falsehood masked as knowledge and attracting those just caught up in unawareness.

Falsehood is recognised by the fact that it does not make us grow in our fear of Allah SWT. And Allah is meant to be feared, to motivate us in our belief and behaviour. Out of our love for Allah we fear displeasing Him, helping us to increase in Taqwa.  Baatil is also recognised as that which increases our desire for this world and decreases the sacrifices we make here, making us heedless of the rewards of the Hereafter. It becomes difficult for our hearts to identify falsehood when we fall deeper in it.

If people understood that some write to encourage preserving Allah’s SWT Deen for the benefit of their fellow brothers and sisters, they would think twice about neglecting the information and casting those who condemn the perversion of Deen as intolerant. Is it not the duty of one Muslim to care about the fate of another Muslim. Reprimanding tone and character when the message is good has become a groundless justification for all kinds of evil. So brash are we in our regard for Deen.

Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) has recorded that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, “Allah Ta’ala said: O mankind! Before making dua, command righteousness and prohibit evil otherwise your supplication will not be accepted.” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) added, “Compared to Jihad, good deeds are like a puff of breath in a deep ocean. And all good deeds together with Jihad in the Path of Allah are nothing but a puff of breath in the deep ocean in comparison with Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar.”

If our hearts are out of sync with the truth, if our hearts get angry when the truth is spoken, if we switch off, turn the other cheek or get bored when truth is spoken then we need look at ourselves first. The best way to overcome falsehood is to learn about our Deen from those who live it and sit in the company of the pious. Islam is ours to be grateful for, to live, love, protect and preserve. Not to deny, dilute and distort. This battle between words of truth and falsehood isn’t forgotten and does not go unrecorded.

To some the pen is their sword and writing their Jihad. May Allah SWT accept.