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Turkey Rejects Kemalism

Ibn Mortuza 

After destroying Ottoman Khilafah, Kemal Attaturk (Lanatullah) establish secularism in Turkey. Once turkey was the pride of the Ummah turned into a living hell for Muslims. Muslim women’s were forbidden to wear Hijab, Adhan was banned in Arabic, Khutbah in Friday prayer was also banned in Arabic even Salah was banned in Arabic! All this happened after they destroy the Khilafah and what happened next was more horrible. Let us know those forgotten history:

1.The Hijab for women was ridiculed as a “ridiculous object” and banned. If any women in turkey in that time have tried to wear Hijab, kemalist police tore that Hijab and arrest that women immediately.

2. Madrassa, Mosque, Masjid and ministry of Religion was closed. Hajj and Umrah for Muslims also banned.

3. All historic Ottoman Mosque has been closed and turned into Museum. Biggest Mosque of Turkey Aya Sofia turned into a government museum.

4. The calendar was officially changed, from the traditional Islamic calendar, based on the hijrah – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s flight to Madinah – to the Gregorian calendar, based on the birth of Jesus Christ.

5. The adhan – the Muslim call to prayer – was outlawed in Arabic. Instead, it was rewritten using Turkish words and forced upon the country’s thousands of mosques. Reading Al-Quran in Arabic and Salah in Arabic was also banned.

6. Alphabet of Turkish language changed from Arabic to Latin.

7. Eid, Ashura and other Islamic festival was prohibited by the government to celebrate.

8. Friday was no longer considered part of the weekend. Instead, Turkey was forced to follow European norms of Saturday and Sunday being days off from work.

9. Azerbaijan, that was part of Turkey being sold to Russia.

10. It was become a norm to attack Islam, Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) and Sahabas in kemalist run newspapers and media.

11. Government employees were banned from praying Salah.

12. Giving Salam in Islamic way was also banned. They have tried to replace it with words like “Good Morning” “Good bye”

13. Traditional Islamic forms of headdress such as turbans and the fez were outlawed in favor of Western-style hats.

14. Islamic Education for children was banned

15. Muslims in Turkey was banned from naming their child with Arabic names. They made it mandatory to name childs in European way.

16. All the Institutes of the respected Ulemas has been demolished. Waqf and Sadaqah property forcefully acquired by Kemalist.

17. Kemalist declared respected Ulemas as “Enemy of the State” any Ulema who spoke against kemalist oppression were killed immediately by the secret police.

All those they did to build a secular generation who will grow up hating Islam but the blessed people of turkey are the inheritor of Osman Gazi, Sultan Suleiman and Muhammad bin Fateh they hold the Deen firmly even in the time of hardship. Growing call for Islam in turkey showing that Ummah in turkey reject kemalist ideology and want Islam only.

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