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‘Vote No’ misunderstood


While many South Africans have launched a derisive attack on Ronnie Kasril’s in the wake of his Vukani (Vote ‘No’) campaign, the Media Review Network (MRN) has lauded the anti-apartheid stalwart for taking a bold and “courageous” moral stand against government. In a statement issued this week, the MRN defended Kasrils and former minister Nozizwe Madlala- Routledge, saying the message proclaimed by the group was being “relegated and misrepresented.”

“There is a clear distinction between a “no vote” and a “vote no” call. The former is a categorical ‘no’ to casting your vote while the latter is calling on the electorate to vote “no” on matters directly affecting them,” said MRN senior researcher Ibrahim Vawda.

“This message, quite simply, is to ” vote no” to corruption, poor service delivery, poor health care, high crime rate, uncontrolled abuse of women, children and the elderly  and the arrogance of power that is now becoming endemic within the ruling party.”

Vawda said he was disappointed that the struggle loyalists were being maligned by friends and foe alike for their views.

“Their immense sacrifices that gave us our freedom is discarded and disparaged by some unfairly reaping, and raping, the resources of our country. After decades of enduring the venom of close family, community and friends for the principles of justice and equality, and now being criticized and chastised by those abusing their powers at the expense of the poor, is a betrayal of the trust that ordinary people have placed in the ANC.”

As political parties intensify their election campaigns over the next week, Vawda said the Vukani campaign would stimulate debate in the political arena. The ANC’s track record since Zuma’s administration came into power is now being criticised on a higher level.

“The plea that Kasrils and Madlala-Routledge make is most courageous. It is very easy to silently watch the rape of the countries’ resources for the benefit of the elite. As Kasrils stated in his SABC debate with Dr Essop Pahad, there has been no effective visible move to try and change the rot that has set in the ANC for the last five years.”

“Would those who made the supreme sacrifice to enable us to vote, have approved of the shenanigans of the liberation movement they supported? I think not.”

Vawda said the plea by Kasrils and Madlala-Rautledge is to demonstrate to the ANC that the people have it in their power to curtail the rampant abuse by voting “no”. VOC

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