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What is love????

When a person experiences love, their whole life changes and they feel two extremes:

1) a sense of joy which can get so extreme where you feel that you can accomplish anything.

2) the second extreme is feeling hopeless, exhausted and sad because the ‘other half’ isn’t there.

The person usually experiences no.1 when they’re with the person that they love or after they’ve met with them, and the person experiences no.2 if they haven’t contacted them for a while, or if it had ended.

When a person really has fallen for a person, they feel that their whole life is surrounded around them. They may even obey that person in matters which contradict islaam, which obviously isn’t the right thing to do.

There are 4 types of love in islaam:

1) Divine Love – which is specifically for Allaah alone. And none should be loved divinely more than Allaah.

2) Love for the sake of Allaah, which is love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the companions and the righteous etc.

3 a) Love of the permissible: wives/husband, children, parents etc.

b) Love of food, water, clothing etc.

4) Love of any other deity besides Allaah, such as something which contradicts what Allah has ordered us to do etc. which isn’t permitted.

1) The person has to have divine love for Allaah only, which is compulsory in islaam. It isn’t permitted that a person’s love for anything else goes against the commandments of Allaah.

2) We also have to love the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) more than we love ourselves – this is needed in order to perfect faith. [check tafsir ibn kathir Qur’an 9:24]

3) The 3rd love is a permissible love but it can either lead to sin [if the person disobeys Allah in order to please the creation] or it can lead to reward if the believer has the intention of pleasing Allah.

4) The 4th love is what stops a disbeliever from coming closer to Allah, it may be something else worshipped instead of Allah, such as an idol, a person, the persons desires etc. We should seek refuge in Allah from this.

Most people who fall into haraam love usually don’t understand islaam properly. They might start off with desire, and gradually be played into falling in love with the person. However, one has to realize that no love is real, no love is really lasting – unless it is done for the sake of Allah. This is why love which is done while disobeying Allah is usually broken, ends up in hurt, and both people usually end up as enemies, or go down other evil after this, unless Allah saves them and blesses them in hidaayah (guidance.)

There was a lecture i heard last year, and in this lecture the brother discussed good and bad endings of people.

There was a man who was waiting to go on a date with his girlfriend, i think he was muslim. He was waiting for her somewhere, but for some reason – she was taking a really long time. He was so desperate to meet her, why was she taking so long? After a while, she came. He was WELL HAPPY! He got so happy, he fell down and.. prostrated to her. What? Yeah, he did that.. but guess what? He never got up after that again. He died in that state. May Allaah protect us. You know what’s shocking? We will be raised on the day of judgement on the last position we were in.

Here’s a good one though.

There was a woman who was getting prepared on her wedding day. The people were putting her makeup on her, her gel and all that women wear on one of their most special days of their life. She finds out its maghrib salaah (prayer.)

“I need to do my wudhu..”

“You’ve got your makeup on now, you can’t do that now..”

“I have to pray salaah!”

She got up and ran to do her wudhu. She washed off her gel, her makeup. Starts praying maghrib salaah.

What’s the last thing she does?

She moves her head to the side to finish her prayer; “Asalaamu ‘alykum warahmatulah…” the angel takes away her soul. That’s the last words that come out from her mouth..

What will happen on the day of Resurrection? We’ll be raised up on our last physical action that we did.

Ask yourself – What death do I want? Where do I want to die? How do I want to die?

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