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Why I Am Never Going Back To America


An insider’s account of what goes on within the secular schools and universities worldwide, especially in the West

(It should be remembered that the educational system of America and Europe is the model, upon which all secular educational systems are based. The goal of every other country of the world is to replicate their system in entirety)

Why I Am Never Going Back To America

By Zeba Khan, US Citizen

May 10, 2003

A Thoughtful Article by a Sister for The Parents in America and Worldwide.

I may be an American citizen, but that’s not my fault. I ask the reader to please forgive me that much and continue with the rest of the article. As a consequence of having been born, raised, and college educated in the States, I have gora-saab Urdu, a severe allergy to mosquito bites and a blue passport, but again, that’s not my fault.

Often at parties, mostly at weddings, people (with sons my age who eat, drink, and dream in red, white and blue) will slyly ask whether or not I have plans of returning. I say no, not at all, not unless pigs fly, hellfreezes over, and the Cubs win the World Series, all on the same day.

Then they ask me why, and I can never answer them. I’m ashamed to, and the reason why is because the true nature of American society is obscene, and Islamic Taboos are often rites of Passage back in God Bless America. The sins that Americans proudly broadcast are so fuhsh (obscene) that I cannot mention them in mixed company in more than a whisper. But luckily I can type though, and here, dear readers, dear sly aunties, dear people who think I’m insane, is why I’m never going back to the US.

America is famous for turning out highly qualified doctors and engineers, and I will not insult their universities and colleges. The Ivy League universities offer the best education that money can buy…in an environment where 90% of all on-campus rape cases are linked to alcohol and approximately 240,000 to 360,000 of the nation’s 12 million current undergraduates will ultimately die from alcohol-related causes. (Stats from SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website) But like I said, I’m not going to slander institutions where illicit affairs betweens professors and students are common enough to be part of campus life. It’s a lovely collegiate society where emergency phones with blue light beacons are installed every 100 or so feet on college grounds to curb crime and sexual assault. I said I wouldn’t slander the colleges, and I’m not. To slander something is to lie, to demean it with incorrect information, and I’m doing neither. Everything I’ve mentioned is true blue (and white, and red) and 100% certifiable by anyone who has been to college in any major city like Chicago.

Enough about college, let’s go further back to public high school. I’ll tell you no lies here, either. The state of Illinois has mandated a health and safety class for all students, and the class is taught to grade 9. The safety part of the class curriculum includes driver’s education. The health part of the class involves skin care, fitness, how to use a condom, how to recognize transmitted diseases in your sexual partner and why, if you decide you’re a homosexual; it’s ok to feel that way.

I was blessed, truly blessed by Allah that I was absent the day that my teacher showed a live video of a woman giving birth, the natural way, in the nude, in stirrups. This all-natural, all-nude video was shown in front of my mixed 9th grade class, it was shown to both the boys and the girls at the same time. I heard horror stories the next day from my fellow miserable Muslimahs.

I, and hundreds of thousands of other young Muslims who were unfortunate enough to be educated in the US, was taught that being gay is quite normal. Never mind the two girls sitting outside the class window kissing each other with open mouths – they’re exercising their right of choice. Homosexuality is not a deviation; it’s a lifestyle, and a rather trendy one at that. Hooray for gay-rights and the yearly gay-pride parades held in most major cities of the US. If you’re fortunate enough not to know what a gay-pride parade is, allow me to ruin your day. It’s a procession of cars, decorated floats, dancers, near-naked gays and brainwashed heterosexuals who are proud to be part of a sin so severe that it caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Back to school, if your son or daughter needs a condom so that they can have a little fun on their lunch break, they don’t need to be ashamed. They can just go to the school counselor’s office and get one from her, for free. If any of the students want to exercise the freedom that the American forefathers fought and died for, and engage in some pre-marital relations without any of the consequences, then there are hundreds of NGO’s to help them with birth control, adoption, or abortion, without ever letting the parents know what’s going on.

I’m being quite bey-sharam (obscene and shameless), I know, but how else can I explain these things? How else can I tell you that high-school in Chicago, a very average place, is a beer-drinking, pot-smoking, hormonally charged orgy where young girls and boys play merry-go- round with their sexual partners. Oh, and there’s very high-quality biology, chemistry and physics in there somewhere too.

If you think that my merely mentioning this is outrageous, then what do you think of the unfortunate Pakistanis and Muslims who study this as part of school curriculum and are taught to practice these things in their daily life? It’s not their fault they’re subjected to such an immoral brainwashing, and that’s why I call them (and myself) unfortunate instead of guilty. These poor 9th graders (aged 14-15 on average) did not choose to be born in a society where talk is cheap, love is free, and God is banned from public schools. Yes, God is officially banned in public schools. Prayer in school is quite a controversial issue back over there in God Bless America. Religion is a private affair, and much like STD’s, you’re supposed to keep them to yourself.

The American educational assault goes further than immorality; it extends into the illogical and absurd. Did you know that our ancestors were monkeys? What? You say that you knew your ancestors, and though one of your uncles had a low forehead, he was hardly simian? You may also say that the first man was Nabi Adam, peace and blessings be upon him, and he was no monkey. You know this because God said so, not just in Islam but in all three major religions of the world, and plus evolution has been deemed impossible by a huge but muffled community of scientists. (Read Evolution Deceit: The Scientific Collapse of Darwinism… by Harun Yahya) If you make the mistake of expressing your religious beliefs in class, you will be laughed out of class and scolded when you eventually come back.

Teacher (laughing with cocky attitude further bolstered by authority and his/her own brainwashing) “Silly, backwards, fundamentalist student, how foolish can you be to believe in God? What, have you ever seen God? Look around, I don’t see anything remotely worship-able in the universe, do you?”

Student muttering under breath to avoid being failed for bad behavior) “Well teacher, come to think of it,when I look around I can’t see radio waves, microbes, heat, radiation, wind, or even your brain for that matter…”

The secular American scientific community boasts of its superior knowledge, but if you went by the sameempirical logic that they use to ignore God (seeing is believing) then they don’t have any brains, either. Both belief in God and belief in your teacher’s brain can only be confirmed by sight apparently, and since both cases involve death to do so, (dying to see God, killing your teacher and extracting his brain…) then the issue stays mostly unresolved in circles who refuse to use higher reasoning.

I must stop here and give credit to a few very intelligent, very religious college professors that I had. For example, Dr. P. Lancki, a religious Christian and a professor of Microbiology. During a long conversation about religion, science and society at large, Dr.Lancki told me with wonder in her eyes how it was impossible for a single cell, miraculous in function and complex in design, to have been created by accident or random events. Not one single cell could be produced through the methods that educators teach to students in the US; evolution, but Dr.Lancki is forbidden to teach that in her class. “God,” one of her coworkers told her, “…died with the dinosaurs. Man doesn’t need religion anymore.”

Times change. Where God was once called on sincerely to bless America, He is now used only for purposes of pro-war propaganda and occasionally brought up to take accountability off the shoulders of criminals.

“I’m a sociopath murderer, and God made me this way! I’m gay! And God made me this way! I’m a pedophile, and God made me this way!”

Religion in America is approached in a way that’s comical if it wasn’t so idiotic. In accordance with typical non-judgmental morality, one religion is no better than the next, and all religions take a back-seat to freedom. You may not believe that homosexuality is good, but in America you believe that people should be free to practice homosexuality if they like. Never mind that you believe it is wrong, if you say so in public then you are labeled as intolerant, homophobic, a closet-queer, and of course, a bigot. Bigots get fired by their employers for being closed-minded, but gays get free health-insurance from their employers for the same-sex partner they happen to be living with at the moment.

To move back to America would be to subject my future children to a thorough brainwashing, regardless of how well I tried to prevent it. When filth is broadcast on TV, sung about on the radio, advertised on the internet, and taught in school, how can you even remotely hope to fight it? Whatever you teach your children between breakfast and school, school and soccer practice, soccer practice and dinner is untaught a thousand times over once the child leaves home.

True, there are some Muslims who come out of America with basically sound minds and characters, but for every sound mind there are 100 corrupt ones who live with their Christian boy-friends, blame God for homosexuality, use the Masjid as a meat-market for dating and flirting, and join organizations like the Al-Fateha group. Al-Fateha sounds holy enough from where you’re sitting, I’m sure, but it’s actually an organization of homosexual Muslims in the US and Canada.

The American society is a system of thinly veiled chaos, and ever so often, the veil is lifted. In New York,currently the world’s most famous city, the Puerto Rican National Day Parade was one such example. In broad daylight, buzzed on alcohol and under the cover of mob-action, two years ago a group of over 50 young men travelled downtown New York assaulting women. Police stood idly by as women were stripped naked, sexually assaulted, sprayed with liquor and raped in the streets of New York. Did darkness hide the mob from the police? No, it was mid-afternoon. Were the men stopped right away? No, they rampaged for over three hours. This is American society, this is what happens to a people who do not believe in God,whose conduct depends on whether or not anyone will catch them if they do anything wrong. There is no humility or fear of Divine Retribution to keep men acting as men, there is only fear of the police. And when the police are invisible or ineffectual, the men become rapists, murderers, barbarians and savages.

A funny comparison exists between Karachi and New York, two major cities. In Karachi, when the electricity goes out, children play chupan-chupai or cricket in the streets. In New York, when the lights go out, women are assaulted, people are robbed, and stores are looted. This is not because the electric gates of the prisons have opened, releasing all of the criminals. No, this is because the electric lights and eyes of the police have gone blind, and in the cover of darkness, the common New Yorker becomes a common criminal.

I’m not nuts you know, I’m just honest. You can’t get me to go back to America, not for money, not for fame, not even under the flimsy pretense of doing Dawah in America. I’m not going to lie to myself and say that living in America is Dawah, because I can’t hide that my tax dollars pay Israeli settlers $10,000 a year, per family member, to occupy Palestine and to kill the Ummah I profess to be a part of. A white-picket fence and a two car garage in the suburbs is not Dawah, its greed. Sending your children to the best schools is not Dawah, its opportunism, its taking advantage of a system built on the backs of third-world countries and dead Muslims. Thousands of Afghanis have died to put cheaper gas in your sports utility vehicle, thousands of Iraqis died to keep your car running for less money, your heating bills down, and your salary higher. Thousands of Palestinians have been shot with bullets that your tax-dollars bought and thousand more will if you stay and become the ideal immigrant. To be the tax-paying, flag-waving, English speaking Desi (easterner) who is repulsed by ‘backwards’ notions of religion, and sends your children to get a good education at a Catholic school, is to be the perfectly assimilated, perfectly absorbed hypocrite.

How convenient it is for a Muslim to condemn America for its tyranny, but take no action against it at all.

It’s like a shepherd that shares a cave with wolves who kill his own sheep, but stays because the cave is warm and the mutton is free. The shepherd stays with the wolves under the pretense of doing Dawah to the wolves.He hopes that by living with the wolves, the wolves will feel sympathy for the shepherd, they will better understand him, and maybe not kill his sheep anymore. How very convenient, very illogical, and very beneficial for the shepherd! Never mind that it’s wrong, just remember that the cave is warm and the mutton is free, the streets are clean, the skyscrapers are shiny, and your children are being given quality wolf-education and eating quality mutton from your murdered sheep.

Dear aunties, I would recommend that you set your sights on some other Amreekan Palat, I may move a hundred times in my life, but never back to the country whose ruler has reinstated the crusades. Never to the land where a 67 year old Afghani Imam is in camp x-ray for giving Mujahideen dry bread crusts. Never to a land where my own Muslim brothers are collateral damage. I swear by Allah, I will never make that mistake again. Never.

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