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Your Family is Your Garden! Part 2


Keeping Your Children Safe from ‘Weeds’, ‘Pests’ and ‘Plant Diseases’.


The bad company the children keep act like weeds. You have to keep them safe from growing in competition with these weeds. You have to ensure that they have the right kinds of friends who are not possessing any negative characteristics.


A pest is anything that brings harm to the plants or to the flowers in your garden.

In the present Digital Era a very huge source of ‘Pests’ that can bring considerable harms to the ‘Developing Flowers and Fruits’ of your family garden, meaning your maturing children, are the ‘addictions’ that are connected to the Screens of the digital devices.

Some of these common ‘Screen Pests’ are: Game Addiction, TV addiction,  the Smartphone Addiction, and the Social Media Addiction.

The most Toxic Pest, however, is the Porn Addiction’!

When a child gets affected with any of these pests then, chances are he himself can start acting like an undesirable ‘Pest’. This can bring problems to the parents in their task of nurturing not only the ‘Pestilent’ child but also his siblings!

To keep the children free from these pests, the first and the foremost responsibility of the parents is to ensure that they themselves are not trapped by any of these ‘Pests’!


Just like the plants are mostly affected by fungal or fungal-like organisms, the children in a family garden are severely infected by the arguments, quarrels and fights going on between the ‘family gardeners’, who are the couple, or the parents of these children.

Remember, these quarrels and fights are just like the ‘Plant Diseases’ for your children. If you cannot do without quarreling with your spouse then please do it in the privacy of your bedrooms, ensuring that your buds, flowers and fruits do not hear or perceive your voices.


No matter how well you take care of our gardens, plant viruses do inevitably strike. These can wreak havoc on plants of all kinds in your garden.

In the same manner you can face numerous problems and issues in your ‘family garden’. In such circumstances always turn to Allah and beseech His help with all sincerity. Allah alone has the sole power to solve all your problems

The Most Lethal Disease

The most harmful disease that can attack your buds, flowers and fruits is either the utterances of the word ‘Talaq’ by the husband or the demand for a ‘Khulah’ by the wife. Such ‘diseases’ can psychologically destroy the future of your children. If you really love your children then you should always try to avoid such actions.

Final word

Remember, for your sincere efforts in nurturing ‘the Buds, the Flowers and the Fruits’ of your family garden Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will reward you tremendously in this world as well as in the next. InshaAllah you will also reap a very rich harvest of adorable Muslim adults that may turn out to be very beneficial to the Ummah.

We have many examples of the struggles the Muslim parents, and especially the mothers, have done to bring up their children with the right Islamic Tarbiyat.

We also have amazing examples of the results of their efforts.

One of the most prominent examples is that of  Ismail ‘alaihis Salaam. His father Ibrahim ‘alaihis Salaam and his mother Hajra brought him up with  such Tarbiyat that at a very young age he was ready to give his life because his father was asked by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to slaughter his son.

This is called the Real Fragrance!

May Allah give you the Strength, the Knowhow and the Ability to reap the best harvest from your ‘Family Garden’…Ameen.

By: M.B. Ahmed

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