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A Delightful Day in the Daulah


Maulana Khalid Dhorat


Humanity today stands at the dawn of a new age: an age of crumbling superpowers and tumbling economics. An age of uprising against tyrants, resistance against injustice and exposing of traitors. It’s an age where misinformation technology and media propaganda is backfiring  upon those who promote it,  an age when our open enemies, hidden enemies, open hypocrites, secret hypocrites, and collaborating hypocrites are being exposed day by day. It’s an age where old ideologies have become rusted and are being replaced, the bloods of millions of innocent Muslims are being avenged, the myth of the invincibility of our enemies broken, and the Will of our Creator is being implemented.  Indeed, we are standing on the horizon of a great change, and change is always bloody.


What is this change? This change is according to a Prophetic prediction that this ummah will undergo various phases. The first is the era of Prophethood, followed by Khilaafat on the Prophetic methodology. This will be followed by dynasties, then oppressive sovereign regimes. After all this, we will return to Khilaafat upon the Prophetic methodology. The days of false Khilaafat, monkey Mahdis, imposter Messiahs, two-faced Muslims, savage Sovereignty, scholars for dollars, modern orthodoxy, top-hat opiniating, savvy sloganeering, mass mis-media, and idiotic western and Islamic Ideologies are finally coming to an end …


For Muslims worldwide, D Day has arrived. Our enemies in the East and the West have long ago made a choice on which side of the fence they will be. Remember the famous words of Bush: “You are with us or against us.” Similarly, our hypocrites in the East and West have long ago made a choice who to align with, and so have our “double-hypocrites”. They have also planned who to align with, until when, how to blow the correct trumpet, and when to get off the gravy train. Everyone knows exactly who these regimes are. All these groups seek followers from me and you, the broader ummah. Now is the time to make your choice: Are you with the sincere Muslim ummah, the Khilafah al-Islamiyyah, or not. Are you with your Creator, or with the Pretenders. There is no fence-sitting on this one.


Since seeing that this world is about to undergo such a radical transformation that we will no longer experience society as we know it to be, allow me to walk you through the fertile lands of the Daulah al-Islamiyyah. After this, you can decide if you want to be part of it or not. If not, you need to decide with who you want to align with rather. The time for indecisiveness is coming to an end very fast.



The Daulah will be established strictly on the Qur’an and Sunnah. There will be no more man-made constitutions and democracy where people decide how to govern themselves. Numbers don’t decide, your Creator decides, and none can overrule Him. You, as an ummati, are just a humble slave, not an arrogant Pharaoh. Parliament will not have multi-parties slitting each other’s throats, engaging in endless futile debates on how many gun licenses are permitted per person, or how to make our national cricket team more BEE-compliant. Rather, there will be one sagacious Ameer al-Mu’mineen who will have advisors, schooled in pure orthodox Islam and known for his piety. He will live in a simple hut, not draw a fat salary and devote most of his time in patrolling the streets; helping the people, instead of filling his pockets through bribery.


This State will not have boundaries. There is no such garbage as Sovereignty and designated borders. The entire earth is to be dominated by Islam, and ruled by Shari‘ah. You will only have frontier border posts and treaties with nations. The time will come, as predicted in the Prophetic traditions, that not a baked or an unbaked home will remain but that Islam will enter it. That is the time of Imam Mahdi and Sayyadina ‘Isa (Jesus). This giant super Islamic-state will make America, Russia, China, Israel and Europe, with all their armies and nuclear weapons, look like lame chickens. Our enemies know this, but many of us still do not know.


When the toothless Ottoman Khilaafat fell in 1924, the Muslims had a 5 million strong army and ruled over 56 countries. That one Khilaafat has been diluted 56 times, and then a hundred times more with all our in-fighting and civil strife. If a toothless Khilaafat can be so formidable, one can well imagine what a genuine one would be?  That time is on our doorstep, are we ready to contribute and be part of it?


In the Daulah, there will not be an age limit of 18 to view pornography or drink wine. These will be banned altogether. The stupid law of: “No drinking and driving” will be replaced by: “No drinking at all.” The even more stupid solution to AIDS: “Be wise, condomise,” will be outlawed. All unsavoury sites will be blocked on the Internet, satellites channels will not feature profane language, sex, nudity, and un-Islamic behavior. Soapies which promote promiscuity and jumping from the bed of your wife to that of your maid, will not be allowed. You will not be entertained after hours and over the weekend by the myriad of sporting events like the Soccer World Cup, English Premier Soccer League, World Wide Wrestling, Olympics and Cricket Tours. Instead of being a couch potato, you will be doing physical activities like archery, swimming and horse-riding.


On our highways, you will not find giant billboards advertising the Sexpo, or women in tight jeans showing off their bum-cheeks. There will be no forced conversion to Islam, but all women will be modestly dressed and their hair covered. For men, there will be no hippie hairstyles, and rings pierced in their eyes, nose, tongue and toes. It will be a culture free of filth, immorality and indecency.  People will be able to walk around with complete ease, free from the danger of being robbed or raped.


All technology will be in the hands of Muslims who will use it for the betterment of mankind, not their corruption. Mass falsehood will be replaced with mass truthhood. The Science of Medicine will be purified of all its harmful effects. Taking a Panado will not result in you ending up with arthritis, and missing a dose of insulin will not result in you developing gangrene in your feet.  Our food will be rid of all genetically modified chemicals and our water will not be recycled urine. Chicken will taste like chicken, not like fish.


Our jails will most probably be empty as our robbers will end up without hands or limbs. Rapists will be stoned to death, and drug dealers will be hanged. Corrupt officials will be impeached and all those finger-happy teens who spread allegations about so and so having an affair with so and so over the internet, will be flogged 80 lashes if the rumour is not confirmed. Our newspapers will not feature musicians such as One-Direction and Pankash Udas, or comedians such as Trevor Noah. There will be no more night-clubs, shebeens and movie-houses. There will also be no “Red-Light” districts where prostitutes can be picked up, or escort agencies. Our malls will not feature restaurants where food is consumed in public, nor will music be blaring from the stores.


Gone are the days when we will have a usury-based banking and insurance system. Everyone will be able to afford a decent house. They will not end up paying for 20 years, only for the house to be repossessed by the bank thereafter. We will not have artificial  paper money, but genuine gold or silver coins. The power of the corporates will be broken, and the militaries and tax-revenues of nations will not be used to occupy lands and steal the resources of others.


Our women will at last have dignity in their home, free from the tension of earning and pursuing a career. Family-planning will come to an end. Hospitals and schools will be free, and we will have a police force which actually works. There will be no oppressive taxes, and the man who earns an average salary will be king. Who willingly pays their oppressive taxes, exorbitant schoolfees and hospital bills today? Our streets and parks will once again be filled with happy children. There will be no beggars, no poverty, nor street-guards begging for a loaf of bread. Best of all, everything will be halaal. You will not pay R32- for a 2kg chicken from a supermarket, but R85- for the same chicken at the halaal butchery.


Now for the best part. The favorite pass time of us Muslims will come to an end: our bickering, punchaat, and labeling of each other. You won’t have Tableeghis, Sufis, Sunnis, Qadianis, Deobandis, Salafis, Shi’ahs, Mamatis, Tamaties and Pagadis. Everyone will be a Muslim belonging to the Ahlus Sunnah wal-Jama’ah, following the Islam of the State. The Chief Mufti will decide what belief is acceptable or heretical, which isshirk (polytheism) or bid’ah (innovation), and rule accordingly. The hypocrites will be exposed and punished. Unity and sanity will prevail at last. There won’t be a Mufti in each street with four fatwas – one per season. You will not get one Mufti saying television is haraam, and another saying, yes it is. There will be no people screaming at each other “You are Kaafir, you are Kaafir.”  One world, one judgment.


Finally, whatever the west strove to build, will come tumbling down. Islam has a solution to all these – a better and a more just system. Yet, there are those from our ranks and out of our ranks who will die not to witness this golden age again. And this is the battle today, a battle in which no one is neutral.

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