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Can I retract my Talaaq?

Nasihah (Advice): Three things will make you beloved to the next person: You greet him with Salaam, you make place for him in a gathering when he attends and you address him by the titles he likes the most. (Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu, Faydul Qadeer)


Question and Answer:

Q. i gave my wife 1 talaaq.The talaaq i gave her was verbally over the phone and i sms it to her.I said to her i issued my 1st talaaq to you and i sent a  sms  with the same message to her.A few months later i sms her the 2nd talaaq and my concern is that she is pregnant and i want to retract my 2 talaaqs


(Query published as received; names and certain particulars omitted to maintain anonymity)


A.  If you had issued your wife one Talaaq over the phone and thereafter confirmed the same by SMS, this will be counted as one Talaaq. If this Talaaq was issued whilst she was pregnant, her Iddah is till childbirth. If the second Talaaq was issued to her whilst she was still in Iddah or you had reconciled with her, this will be counted as the second Talaaq. Since the Iddah is still ongoing, you can take her back into your Nikah without renewing the Nikah. You should take her back by telling her that you have taken her back and this should be done in the presence of two witnesses (preferably). If you issue one more Talaaq, both of you will become Haraam upon each other and reconciliation will not be permissible even by renewing the Nikah.



And Allah Knows Best



Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed



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