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The Extent of Shi’ism in South Africa

   An open letter to all the muslims of south africa     The Extent of Shi’ism in South Africa         A report by:   Islamic Awakening, South Africa             =========================================================================== this is A Call to action and a request to circulate to as …

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Essential Downloads

  DOWNLOAD –The Quran in Arabic DOWNLOAD –The Quran in English DOWNLOAD –  The Quran in English transliteration DOWNLOAD – Hadith books in a single file DOWNLOAD – Daily Dua Recitals DOWNLOAD – TAFSEER (explanation) of Quran DOWNLOAD – Essential Duas DOWNLOAD – Makkah Pictures DOWNLOAD – The Entire Salaah Book DOWNLOAD How to pray Salaah   Some files …

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Pearls of Wisdom Booklet

Please see below Attached Pearls of Wisdom Booklet Some Pearls of Wisdom-Click Here COMPILER’S NOTE Today most of us are too busy to find time to read Islamic literature. The extracts in this booklet give us a glimpse of the works of Hazrat Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi, Imam Ghazali, Hazrat Abdul …

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I’tikaaf – Complete book by Mufti Elias

Says Allama Ibn Qaiyyim Radiallâhu anhu: “The basic purpose of I’tikâf is that the heart gets attached to Allâh and, with it, one attains inner composure and equanimity and preoccupation with the mundane things of life ceases and absorption in the eternal Reality takes its place, and the state is …

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Most Honoured Hafizul Qur’an

INTRODUCTION “Verily we have revealed the Remembrance (Qur’an) and indeed we are its protectors.” (Al-Qur’an) All praise is due to Allah Ta’ala alone for the priceless bounty of the Qur’an-al-Kareem. May our lives be sacrificed for the Glorious Qur’an. Hence those who have been especially chosen by Allah Ta’ala as …

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Stepping Stones to Reformation- Book by Mufti Salejee

Stepping Stones to Reformation (Short Advices of Hz. Mf. Ebrahim Salejee d.b) Foreword It has been the system of Allah Ta‘ala since time immemorial that there would always be a group of His selected servants in every era who are bestowed with the true understanding of the mizaaj (temperament) of …

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