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The Ulama of Deoband and Jihad

  By Mawlana Ahmad After the Battle of Balakot, a number of battles were fought against the British invaders of India. In 1856 a meeting of the senior ‘Ulama of India was convened. Amongst others, those who attended were Mawlana Ja’far Thaneseri, Mawlana Wilayat ‘Ali [these two were survivors of …

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Moulânâ Rashîd Ahmad Gangohî (Rahimahullâh)

  Birthplace Gangoh is an old village of the district Saharanpur in India. Moulânâ Rashîd Ahmad Gangohî  was born in Gangoh on 6 Zul Qadah 1244 A.H (9 June 1829). He was from the lineage of Hadrat Abû Ayyûb Ansârî Radhiyallahu Anhu.   Education He obtained his initial education from …

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Moulânâ Ashraf ‘Alî Thânwî (Rahimahullâh)

  Birth Hakîmul Ummat, Moulânâ Ashraf ‘Alî Thânwî (رحمه الله) was born on 5 Rabî’uth-Thânî 1280 A.H. in the village of Thâna Bhawan. He lost his mother at a tender age and was brought up by his father in a fairly affluent background. His father took great pains in teaching …

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Moulânâ Qârî Muhammad Tayyib (Rahimahullâh) – Brief Biography

  Birth Moulânâ Muhammad Ahmad Qâsimî (رحمه الله) [1346 A.H], the son of Moulânâ Qâsim Nânotwî (رحمه الله) was a great scholar of Islam. He was the principal of Dârul Ulûm Deoband for forty years. Initially he had two sons and a daughter who passed away in their infancy. Thereafter, …

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