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Q. Is it permissible to do circumcision with laser? They say that it more comfortable in adulthood. A. Yes, it is permissible to do circumcision by means of a laser and the Sunnah of circumcision will be fulfilled. Q. I swore an oath for the sake of Allah and broke …

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Solution to Difficulties lies in following the Sunnah

Hazrat Moulana Zulfiqaar Saheb Naqshbandi mentioned that once a lady from Faisalabad visited him. His wife conveyed to him that this lady is greatly troubled and has been crying since she came, therefore listen to her problems and help her with some advice. The lady sat behind a curtain and …

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Incident on the Miraculous nature of the Quran

Hazrat Moulana Zulfiqaar Saheb Naqshbandi mentioned the following in one of his lectures. A Pakistani Hindu fell ill having contracted cancer of the blood. The hospital authorities discharged him when they had lost all hope of his recovery. At home he remained troubled and sad. The thought always lingering in …

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One Reaps only what one Sows

Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Saheb Alaihir Rahmah said that once a man came to visit him from Kanpur. His father was a very pious person. This individual asked Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Saheb Alaihir Rahmah why Ulama of today are not like the Ulama of the former times such as Hazrat Moulana …

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Fun and Good Times – All the Time? … But of course

Imagine a world of total peace and harmony, no fuel price increases, free electricity, zero percent global warming, no harmful gas emissions, total wireless communication, mega fast accident free instant travel options, etc, etc. The good news is that all this and much more will soon be a reality and …

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