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Gaza: A War or A Brutal Massacre?

The Israeli military continued to escalate its assault on the Palestinian Gaza Strip over the weekend, carrying out hundreds more air strikes and its first ground incursion into the territory. It claims it has conducted over 1,300 air strikes in Gaza over the past week. Israel is openly targeting the private homes of officials and leading members of the Islamist Hamas organisation, which governs the densely-populated strip of land, regardless of who is residing in them. The assassination attempts have killed at least 167 people so far, the vast majority of whom were civilians, according to United Nations representatives. At least 19 women and 29 children under the age of 16 are among the dead

Israel’s Incremental Genocide In The Gaza Ghetto 
By Ilan Pappe

The killing of three Israeli teenagers, two of them minors, abducted in the occupied West Bank in June, was perhaps in reprisal for killings of Palestinian children. But for all the depredations of the oppressive occupation, it provided the pretext first and foremost for destroying the delicate unity in the West Bank but also for the implementation of the old dream of wiping out Hamas from Gaza so that the Ghetto could be quiet again

Israel’s Dissenting Voices Get Lost In The War Echo Chamber 
By Prof. Neve Gordon

Israeli politicians across the political spectrum appear to support the attack on Gaza

Gaza: A War or A Brutal Massacre? 
By Dr. Ludwig Watzal

The international media outlets speak of a new Middle Eastern war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas organization, which rules a tiny strip of Palestine adjacent the Mediterranean Sea that resembles rather a large open-air prison than a state-like entity. Are we really witnesses of a “war” or an attack by a brutal colonial regime against a defenseless and helpless community of people in the Middle East? In order to provide its criminal operations with a veneer of legitimacy, the Israeli government is using war terminology

Israel Is Captive To Its ‘Destructive Process’ 
By Chris Hedges

A mass movement demanding boycotts, divestment and sanctions is the only hope now for the Palestinian people. Such a movement must work for imposition of an arms embargo on Israel; this is especially important for Americans because weapons systems and attack aircraft provided by the U.S. are being used to carry out the assault

Israel Is Deliberately Targeting Civilians In Gaza 
By Rania Khalek

The UN says 77 percent of Palestinians killed in Israel’s relentless bombing campaign on the besieged Gaza Strip have been civilians. A report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs details Israel’s current assault, now it in its sixth day. With over 150 killed, including an alarming number of women and children, and the death toll in Gaza rising by the hour, Israeli officials insist they are doing all they can to avoid civilian casualties

Israel, Muslims, And The Israel Lobby In America:
Local Dynamics And Global Ramifications 

By Taj Hashmi

We have reasons to believe that the first Arab-Israel War, which led to the creation of Israel in 1948, signaled the beginning of another “Hundred-Year War” in world history. And America can play the most decisive role in ending, what appears to be, a never-ending conflict in the Arab World, which has already spread to other parts of the Muslim World and beyond, and is potentially capable of destabilizing the entire world for decades.

4. Gideon Levy: Israel’s Real Purpose in Gaza Attack? To Kill Arabs

Since the first Lebanon war over 30 years ago, Israel’s main strategy has been killing Arabs. The current atrocious war in Gaza is no different.July 13, 2014 “ICH” – “Haaretz” – The goal of Operation Protective Edge is to restore the calm; the means: killing civilians. The slogan of the Mafia has become official Israeli […]

3. Amira Hass: Implementing the master plan for East Jerusalem

Israel’s undeclared goal is to expel the residents of East Jerusalem from the city, or at least to limit their number and weaken them as a national community. Haaretz   05:29 11.07.14 | 2 There is a direct connection between the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir on the one hand, and the Jerusalem municipality, Interior Ministry, […]

2. Amira Hass: Gaza Civilians Waiting ‘For The Slaughterhouse’

July 13, 2014 “ICH” – “Haaretz” – –    “On Thursday afternoon a building in the neighborhood was bombed. With a missile. All the air filled up with light, a sort of big ball of fire we only started seeing during this attack,” a woman I will call T. related at noon on Friday. Like all Gazans, […]

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